Let’s explore the world together


Because we belong everywhere

Traveling is one of the most exhilarating experiences there is for a momentary escape from our adult busy lives. It gives us a chance to unwind and recharge, but it can also be a very insightful and humbling experience.

As a black traveler, I want to explore each corner of the world and share those experiences with you. I want to encourage other people of color to venture outside of their comfort zones and find the beauty in the world too.

Because we belong everywhere.


Discover the best places to visit.

Travel is about more than just a trip. Find the world’s best destinations. From stunning beaches to lively cities, we have something for everyone.


Welcome home, fellow traveler!

Thank you for stopping by my page! I’m excited to bring you on my journey through the lens of a black traveler. Join me as I jetset around the globe in search of new experiences, great food, and Afro communities worldwide.

I want to help you travel more, travel better.