Welcome to Brooklyn, New York’s famous borough known for its amazing bagels. Bagels here are more than just breakfast; they’re a special part of the city’s flavor. 

In this guide, I’ll take you through 20 of the best spots for bagels in Brooklyn. You’ll find everything from the classic New York-style bagels to new, exciting flavors.

Each place we visit has its charm, offering a glimpse into Brooklyn’s diverse culture and history. Whether you like your bagel plain with cream cheese or topped with something more adventurous, there’s something for everyone here.

Join us as we explore cozy bagel shops, bustling cafes, and everything in between. Whether you’re a Brooklyn local or just visiting, get ready for a tasty journey through the world of Brooklyn bagels!

Guide to The Best Bagels in Brooklyn  

Dive into my easy-to-follow guide to Brooklyn’s best bagels, where every spot offers something unique. Here are my top 20 spots for the best bagels in Brooklyn: 

1 | Terrace Bagels 

Neighborhood: Prospect Park

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, Terrace Bagels is a gem for bagel enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find more than just your average bagel. 

Known for their generous size and ability to cradle an array of fillings, Terrace Bagels perfectly blend an Italian roll and a traditional Jewish bagel. 

Their unique texture, featuring a crunchy shell with a soft, chewy center, sets them apart in the world of bagel craft. But Terrace Bagels isn’t just about the bagels; it’s a complete culinary experience. 

The sit-down cafe next door offers a diverse menu with fine Italian meats, specialty salads, and a robust lunch selection. It’s an ideal spot for a quick bagel fix or a leisurely meal.

The ambiance at Terrace Bagels adds to its charm. With outdoor seating, it’s an excellent spot for those seeking a casual, relaxed dining experience. 

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a hearty breakfast or a satisfying lunch in the open air, Terrace Bagels provides the perfect backdrop. 

This delightful spot is where quality, taste, and atmosphere combine to create an unforgettable Brooklyn bagel experience.

2 | Montague Street Bagels 

Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

Next on our list is Montague Street Bagels in Brooklyn Heights, a top spot for everyone who loves bagels. They’re known for making their bagels by hand, which gives them a special touch. You’ll find a lot of choices here, from tasty bagel sandwiches to fresh salads and wraps.

Their shop is easy to get to and is a great place for a quick bite or to grab something to go. What’s cool is that their bagels start at just $1.75, so it’s a good deal. You can even pick exactly what you want on your bagel.

If you’re looking for a filling breakfast, try the Bagel with 2 Eggs, Meat, and Cheese. They also have other yummy options like curly fries and crispy chicken wings. Their Buttered Bagel with Coffee is a classic choice for a simple breakfast.

Montague Street Bagels isn’t just about great food; it’s also about the experience. They have a charming spot on Montague Street with a cute outdoor area for sitting. 

It’s perfect for enjoying your meal in a relaxed setting. This place is a must-try for anyone in Brooklyn Heights looking for a delicious bagel.

3 | Bagel Supreme

Neighborhood: Bay Ridge

Next up is Bagel Supreme in Bay Ridge, a fantastic place to start your day with a yummy breakfast. They’re open early and 24 hours on Saturdays, so it’s super convenient.

At Bagel Supreme, you’ve got lots of choices. They’ve got everything from classic bagels to tasty breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, French toast, waffles, omelets, wraps, muffins, and more. It’s a great spot if you want many breakfast options.

People like their “Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese on Bagel” – it’s a quick, tasty pick if you’re in a hurry. This place isn’t just about great food; they also ensure you get your order quickly and easily. 

And if you’re on the go, you can even get contactless pickup or delivery, which is super handy.

What’s cool about Bagel Supreme is that they keep things simple and their prices fair for such a good meal. 

If you’re in Bay Ridge and looking for a satisfying breakfast or a quick snack, you should definitely check out Bagel Supreme. It’s a spot that focuses on good food, easy choices, and happy customers.

4 | Pio Bagel

Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn

Next, let’s discuss Pio Bagel in Downtown Brooklyn. This place is unique because it combines traditional bagels with a Latin twist, making its flavors stand out.

The Espinoza Family started Pio Bagel. They love bagels and Spanish-American food, so they combined these two worlds. Their menu is a superb blend of these styles, offering something different from your usual bagel shop.

It’s not just about unique flavors; they also focus on top-quality food and friendly service. Since opening in 2014, Pio Bagel has become a favorite for those who love trying new and exciting food combinations. 

They’re open every day, which is super convenient, and they even offer online ordering if you’re in a rush.

This place might look small, but its menu is vast. They even have rainbow bagels, which are a fun and colorful treat. People appreciate how quickly they get served here without compromising on the quality of the food.

If you’re in Downtown Brooklyn and want to try a bagel that’s a bit different from the norm, Pio Bagel is the place to go. It’s a tiny shop with big flavors, perfect for bagel lovers and adventurous eaters!

5 | Bagel World

Neighborhood: Park Slope

Moving on to Park Slope, we find Bagel World, a cozy spot that has been serving fresh, hand-rolled bagels since 2003. This family-owned business has a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making it a favorite among locals and visitors.

What makes Bagel World stand out is its commitment to freshness. They boil and bake their bagels on-site daily, ensuring every bite is as delicious as possible. This daily ritual of making bagels from scratch keeps people returning for more.

At Bagel World, it’s not just the impressive quality of the food but also the quick and friendly service. Whether you’re rushing to work and need a quick breakfast or planning an event and need catering, Bagel World has got you covered. 

They’re known for their variety of bagel options and other tasty goods, all made with care and served with a smile.

This place is more than just a bagel shop; it’s a part of the community. The welcoming vibe and consistently great food make Bagel World a top choice for anyone in Park Slope looking for a satisfying bagel experience. 

It’s where you walk in and feel at home with a delicious bagel.

6 | Apollo Bagels 

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Apollo Bagels in Brooklyn is a true treasure for bagel lovers. They bring a creative twist to traditional bagel recipes, making their menu stand out. What’s cool about Apollo Bagels is their use of unique ingredients and combinations.

Their Everything Bagel, sprinkled with fennel seeds and flaky salt, offers a delightful twist on the classic. 

For those who love a bit of sophistication in their breakfast, the Sourdough Bagel topped with smoked salmon, scallion cream cheese, red onion, dill, and capers is a must-try. It’s like a gourmet meal wrapped up in a bagel.

But it’s not just about fancy toppings at Apollo Bagels. They also serve simpler yet equally delicious options like a Sourdough Bagel with cream cheese or Normandy butter – perfect for those who appreciate the simpler things in life. 

And if you’re in the mood for something hearty, their Egg and Cheese Sandwich is a satisfying choice.

To wash it all down, the Fiz Cola is the go-to drink among customers, pairing perfectly with a variety of bagel options.

Apollo Bagels has created an inviting space where tradition meets modernity, and every visit feels like a new culinary adventure. It’s a spot where each bagel is not just food but a unique experience.

7 | Greenberg’s Bagels 

Neighborhood: Bed Stuy

In the heart of Bed Stuy, Greenberg’s Bagels is a must-visit for anyone craving authentic, old-school New York-style bagels. 

This cozy spot is famous for its hand-rolled and kettle-boiled bagels, made fresh every day, embodying the true spirit of traditional bagel making.

At Greenberg’s, it’s all about keeping it real and classic. Their bagels have that perfect chewy texture and rich flavor that bagel aficionados love. 

But it’s not just bagels they excel in; they also offer a delightful selection of pastries, hearty sandwiches, freshly brewed coffee, and raw juice. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast to-go or a leisurely brunch, Greenberg’s has something to satisfy your cravings.

The shop has a compact, welcoming vibe, making it a great spot for a casual bite. It’s a place where tradition meets modern convenience, offering both pick-up and delivery options. 

The ambiance is just right for enjoying a quintessential New York bagel experience. Greenberg’s Bagels is more than just a bagel store; it’s a slice of Brooklyn’s culinary heritage. 

With its focus on quality, tradition, and simple yet delicious offerings, Greenberg’s stands out as one of the best bagel spots in Brooklyn. It’s the perfect place to taste the city’s authentic bagel culture.

8 | Bagel Boy 

Neighborhood: Sheepshead Bay

Next on our friendly guide is Bagel Boy, a true staple in Sheepshead Bay, known for having some of the best bagels in Bay Ridge. This bustling spot has been delighting locals and visitors alike since the 1980s with its freshly baked goodies.

Bagel Boy is famous for its variety of bagel flavors. Whether you’re into the classic plain, an everything bagel, or something unique like cheddar, they’ve got you covered. 

And for those looking for a splash of color in their breakfast, their rainbow bagels are a must-try and a fun find in Brooklyn!

Given its popularity, Bagel Boy is typically bustling with bagel enthusiasts. To make things easier, it’s a good idea to order ahead online to skip the crowd. This way, you get to enjoy their delicious bagels without the wait.

This family-owned shop isn’t just about making bagels; they also put a lot of love into their salads and sandwiches, all made from scratch daily. They’re great at catering for events, offering a convenient way to order pick-up and delivery for gatherings.

Bagel Boy stands out for its commitment to quality, freshness, and exceptional service, making it a beloved part of the community. 

It’s a perfect example of one of the local bagel shops that’s about more than just food – it’s about bringing people together, one bagel at a time.

9 | Bread Brothers Bagel Cafe

Neighborhood: Bushwick

Continuing our journey, we head to Bread Brothers Bagel Cafe in Bushwick, a spot with variety and flavor. Open every day, this cafe is a fantastic choice for both early birds and weekend brunch enthusiasts.

Bread Brothers Bagel Cafe offers a wide range of deli-style breakfast and lunch options alongside sweet baked goods that satisfy any craving. 

Their extensive selection of bagels and flavored cream cheese options is impressive, catering to every taste and preference. 

This cafe is famous for its French Toast bagels, a unique twist that has earned them plenty of praise. They’re also known for their excellent catering services, making them a go-to for events and gatherings.

With multiple locations in Brooklyn, including Bushwick and Greenpoint, Bread Brothers Bagel Cafe is conveniently located for a delicious dining experience. 

They’ve made it even easier to enjoy their offerings with online ordering.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic bagel with cream cheese, a full breakfast, or a sweet treat, Bread Brothers Bagel Cafe is the place to be. 

It’s more than just a cafe; it’s a culinary haven for bagel lovers and foodies, promising a satisfying meal every time.

10 | Bagel Pub 

Neighborhood: Park Slope

Next on our list is Bagel Pub in Park Slope, a popular spot known for its fantastic bagels and other delicious offerings. This place is a favorite for locals and visitors, thanks to its cozy atmosphere and delicious offerings.

At Bagel Pub, the bagels are hand-rolled, kettle-boiled, and baked fresh daily, ensuring each one is perfect. They offer a variety of flavors, including cinnamon raisin, pumpernickel, and garlic, each more tempting than the last. 

What’s unique here is their range of cream cheese flavors, from mixed berries to classic options perfect for pairing with smoked fish or a hearty bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Their bagel sandwiches are a hit, especially the sausage and cheese. The ABC sandwich, packed with flavorful ingredients, is a crowd-pleaser. 

If you’re a fan of Lox, this is your spot. Their cold brew coffee is a must-try to accompany your meal.

The service at Bagel Pub is known for being fast, friendly, and always spot-on, adding to the overall enjoyable experience. The shop offers plenty of seating, including a lovely upstairs and garden area, perfect for savoring your meal in a relaxing environment.

11 | Shelsky’s Brooklyn Bagels 

Neighborhood: Park Slope

Next, we’re off to Shelsky’s Brooklyn Bagels in Park Slope, a place that’s been making bagel magic since 2011. This cozy shop is a go-to spot for anyone who loves fresh New York bagels and a variety of tasty cream cheese flavors.

Shelsky’s is especially famous for its Kosher bagels, making it a hit among those who appreciate traditional flavors. If you’re into seafood and bagels, you’re in for a treat here – they offer some of the best combinations in Brooklyn. 

Their bagels are on the smaller side, but they pack a big punch in flavor.

What makes Shelsky’s stand out is the friendly vibe and the delicious selection of smoked fish and halva. Customers often praise the shop’s welcoming staff and the must-try menu items.

The founders, Peter Shelsky and Lewis Spada, bring their unique flair to the business. Drawing on their professional chef background and Eastern European and Jewish roots, they’ve created a place that’s not just about great bagels but also community and heritage.

Whether you’re a local or just passing through Park Slope, Shelsky’s Brooklyn Bagels is a must-visit for a genuine, delicious bagel experience with warmth and charm.

12 | Bagelsmith 

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Heading to Williamsburg, we find Bagelsmith, a place famous for its bagels and for being open 24 hours a day. So, no matter what time your bagel craving hits, Bagelsmith is ready to serve.

Bagelsmith has earned the title of “Best Bagels in Town,” and it’s easy to see why. Their handcrafted bagels come in a variety of flavors, each one delicious in its own right. 

Whether you’re a traditionalist or like to experiment with new tastes, they’ve got something for everyone.

The service here is fast and courteous, making your experience even better. But it’s not just about the bagels; Bagelsmith offers a range of flavored schmears and sandwiches. 

Their fresh bagels, made daily, are a treat for anyone who loves a good, traditional Montreal-style bagel.

This bagel shop stands out for its unique combination of quality, variety, and convenience. It’s a welcoming spot, perfect for a quick bite, a leisurely breakfast, or a late-night snack. 

Whether you’re a local or just visiting Williamsburg, Bagelsmith is a must-try for anyone searching for a truly excellent bagel experience, any time of the day or night.

13 | La Bagel Delight 

Neighborhood: Park Slope

In Park Slope, we find La Bagel Delight, a part of Brooklyn’s breakfast scene since 1986. Known as the Breakfast Capital of Brooklyn, this spot has a charm that keeps locals and visitors returning.

La Bagel Delight isn’t just one spot; they have several locations around Brooklyn, making it convenient to grab a bite no matter where you are. 

Their menu includes handmade bagels, specialty salads, lox, and deli sandwiches, offering a great variety to suit all tastes.

Their Instagram-worthy rainbow bagels are a must-try if you’re into something more colorful and fun. Not only do they look great, but they taste fantastic, too. 

La Bagel Delight is the perfect place for a casual dining experience, whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast, a leisurely brunch, or a satisfying lunch.

The atmosphere at La Bagel Delight is relaxed and friendly, ideal for enjoying a variety of food options with friends or family. 

Next time you’re craving a good bagel in Park Slope, remember to check out La Bagel Delight – a local favorite for over three decades.

14 | Court Street Bagels 

Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens

Court Street Bagels, nestled in Carroll Gardens, welcomes you with its cozy vibe and super-friendly staff. Open daily from 6 am to 5 pm, it’s the perfect spot for early risers and lunchtime visitors alike.

This charming bagel shop is known for its classic bagel sandwiches, with a popular choice for bacon, egg, and cheese. Each bagel is a delightful mix of traditional flavors and homely preparation. 

The space is inviting, adorned with hand-written signs that add to its quaint charm. You’ll find a wide selection of bagels here, including onion, poppy, sesame, and everything bagels, each one more tempting than the last.

They also offer a range of cream cheese flavors and sandwich options, catering to all tastes. A little heads-up for visitors: Court Street Bagels is a cash-only spot, so make sure to have some on you when you visit.

This bagel shop is more than just a place to eat; it’s a cozy nook in Carroll Gardens where you can enjoy a simple, delicious meal in a welcoming atmosphere. 

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Court Street Bagels is a delightful stop for anyone looking for a classic New York bagel experience.

15 | Bagel Hole 

Neighborhood: Park Slope

Next on my list is Bagel Hole in the beautiful area of Park Slope, which is open every day from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. Proudly known as the “WORLD FAMOUS BAGEL HOLE,” this place is a staple for bagel lovers.

Bagel Hole is celebrated for its traditional hand-rolled bagels, each made with care and expertise. They offer a variety of cream cheese flavors, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste. 

But what sets them apart is their in-house made lox spread, famous whitefish salad, and fresh sliced Nova Lox – each a testament to their dedication to quality and flavor.

Located in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn, Bagel Hole is not just about great bagels; it’s about the experience. It’s well-loved for its authentic New York bagel experience, friendly service, and cozy atmosphere. 

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, this spot is a must-visit for its genuine charm and delicious offerings.

Bagel Hole has become a popular destination for locals and tourists, cementing it as a go-to spot for anyone searching for the perfect bagel. It’s more than just a bakery; it’s a part of the community, offering a slice of New York culture with every bite.

16 | Zee Bagels 

Neighborhood: Sheepshead Bay

Zee Bagels in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, is a spot you shouldn’t miss if you love great bagels. Known for serving fresh, tasty food with a smile, this bagel shop has become a favorite for breakfast and lunch.

When you visit Zee Bagels, you’ll be greeted by friendly and quick staff, ready to make your bagel experience top-notch. Customers often talk about the high quality of the food here. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic bagel, a hearty sandwich, or a refreshing iced coffee, they’ve got you covered.

What makes Zee Bagels stand out is the delicious food and their fast and friendly service. It’s a popular place among locals, and it’s easy to see why. They ensure you get your food quickly without compromising taste or quality.

Supporting local businesses like Zee Bagels is not just about enjoying good food; it’s also about being a part of the community. This bagel shop is highly regarded for its delicious offerings, making it a must-visit spot in Brooklyn for anyone who appreciates fresh, quality bagels and a friendly atmosphere. 

Whether you’re a bagel enthusiast or just looking for a satisfying meal, Zee Bagels is worth a visit.

17 | Baker’s Dozen 

Neighborhood: Greenpoint

Baker’s Dozen in Greenpoint is a delightful destination for anyone with a sweet tooth or a love for classic breakfast fare. 

Known for their hand-crafted quality, they offer a wide range of treats, including donuts, pastries, bagels, sandwiches, salads, and even sweet delights like shaved ice, ice cream, and banana splits.

Their menu is a treasure trove of popular items. For donut lovers, the Chocolate Bar Donuts and Apple Fritter are must-tries. 

If you’re looking for a hearty start to your day, the Egg Sandwich, Bagel with Cream Cheese, or the Meat, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich are perfect choices. 

And for those who enjoy a crunch, their Hash Browns and Hash Brown Deluxe Sandwich won’t disappoint.

Baker’s Dozen doesn’t just excel in food; their Iced Coffee and Jumbo Muffins are also crowd favorites, perfect for those on-the-go mornings or a leisurely brunch. 

Their Cinnamon Bun is a sweet treat that pairs wonderfully with their drip coffee, a simple yet satisfying combination.

Whether you’re craving a single bagel, coffee, or something more indulgent, Baker’s Dozen in Greenpoint has it all. 

It’s a haven for those who appreciate the variety and quality of their meals, making it a beloved spot in the neighborhood for quick bites and relaxed meals.

18 | Knickerbocker Bagel

Neighborhood: Bushwick

Knickerbocker Bagel in Bushwick is a must-visit for anyone searching for an authentic New York bagel experience. This popular bagel shop is known for its genuine New York-style bagels, crafted by a bagel expert with over 40 years of experience.

Customers often rave about the quality of the bagels here, with many saying they’re even better than those from other well-known places. This praise is earned only when every bagel is made with care and skill.

What makes Knickerbocker Bagel special is its strong local following. It’s not just a bagel shop but part of the community. Visiting this place is a great way to support a local business and enjoy some delicious food simultaneously.

Knickerbocker Bagel is the place to go if you find yourself in Bushwick and craving a real New York bagel. This spot offers more than just good food – it provides a taste of New York’s bagel heritage, served with a side of local charm.

19 | Black Seed Bagels 

Neighborhood: Boerum Hill

Next on our list is Black Seed Bagels in Boerum Hill, open Monday to Thursday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. This place has made a name for itself with its unique take on bagel making.

Their method sets Black Seed Bagels apart – they are hand-rolled, poached, and then finished in a wood-fired oven. 

This process gives the bagels a distinctive texture and flavor you won’t find anywhere else. They’re a little chewier, smaller, and less dense than traditional New York bagels, offering a delightful cross between Montreal and New York styles.

But Black Seed Bagels offers more than bagels. Its rotating selection of sandwiches, created by notable chefs, makes each visit a new culinary adventure. 

Their house lox, cured with beets, tastes great and looks amazing with its brilliant rose hue – perfect for those social media snaps.

The shop’s modern and sleek design in the heart of Boerum Hill adds to the overall experience, making it a trendy spot for locals and visitors. 

So, if you’re looking for unique, hand-rolled bagels, distinctive flavors, and a modern ambiance, Black Seed Bagels is worth a visit.

20 | Smith St Bagels

Neighborhood: Brooklyn

Last but not least is Smith St Bagels in Brooklyn, a favorite since 2008 for its in-house baked delicious bagels. They’re known for making fresh bagels and cream cheeses every day, offering a wide variety of flavors to cater to all tastes.

What sets Smith St Bagels apart is its extensive menu. Not only do they serve savory sandwiches, fresh coffees, and juices, but they also provide an array of organic, vegan, and gluten-free options, ensuring everyone finds something to enjoy. 

Whether you’re after a classic bagel experience or something a little different, they’ve got it all.

This shop takes pride in its hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels, a commitment that’s evident in their quality and taste. 

They’re more than great bagels; Smith St Bagels also offers catering services for all kinds of events, from intimate gatherings to large corporate functions.

With glowing reviews and a well-earned reputation for high-quality, flavorful offerings, Smith Street Bagels is a must-visit for anyone in Brooklyn looking for an authentic bagel experience. 

It’s more than a bagel shop; it’s a place where you can savor the best of Brooklyn’s bagel culture in a welcoming and diverse atmosphere.


Brooklyn’s bagel scene is as diverse and vibrant as the borough. From the hand-rolled classics of Smith St Bagels to the unique wood-fired creations of Black Seed Bagels, each spot on our list offers a distinct take on this beloved New York staple. 

Whether you’re seeking a traditional New York bagel, an innovative flavor twist, or gluten-free and vegan options, these 20 spots in Brooklyn cater to all palates and preferences. 

Supporting these local businesses allows you to enjoy some of the finest bagels in town and connects you with Brooklyn’s rich culinary tapestry. 

So, next time you’re in the borough, stop by one of these exceptional bagel spts for a true taste of Brooklyn.

20 Spots For The Best Bagels In Brooklyn

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