If you want an exceptional, awe-inspiring, and memorable time in New York City, a Brooklyn Bridge walk is a must-do activity.

Picture this: You are on the Brooklyn Bridge during sunset, and the warm, golden light is shining over the city. You can hear the lively sounds of the city surrounding you, yet you feel above it all.

Admiring the twinkling city lights, you take a walk that provides breathtaking views and a unique outlook on the city that never sleeps.

This guide will provide you with a virtual tour of the Brooklyn Bridge. I will explore its fascinating history, share interesting facts, and offer practical tips to help make your walk a memorable experience.


Brooklyn Bridge History & Fun Facts

The Construction and Challenges of the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is not only a way to get around but also a remarkable example of human creativity and architectural excellence, which has come to represent New York City. Its construction began in 1869 and was completed in 1883, a period of 14 challenging years.

The project was a massive undertaking, costing an estimated $15 million, equivalent to approximately $320 million today when adjusted for inflation. At the time of its completion, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, earning it the title of the “eighth wonder of the world.”

The bridge’s designer, John Roebling, pioneered the design of steel suspension bridges. However, he tragically never saw his creation completed due to a fatal accident just before construction began.

His son, Washington Roebling, took over as chief engineer. When Washington fell ill, the project was completed by his wife, Emily Roebling, making her the first woman field engineer.

The process of construction was a challenging and hazardous task. Workers, commonly called “sandhogs,” mostly immigrants earning approximately $2 per day, had to remove mud and boulders from the riverbed. They accomplished this inside large wooden boxes called caissons.

risk of decompression sickness or “the bends” makes the journey to and from the depths of the East River potentially deadly. Over 100 workers, including Washington Roebling, were afflicted with the sickness. Sadly, Roebling remained partially paralyzed for the rest of his life.

The Brooklyn Bridge: An Iconic Landmark

Despite the challenges, the Brooklyn Bridge was unveiled on May 24, 1883. It was a momentous occasion, with President Chester A. Arthur and New York Governor Grover Cleveland presiding over the dedication ceremony.

Emily Roebling was given the first ride over the completed bridge, with a rooster, a symbol of victory, in her lap.

Within 24 hours, more than 150,000 people walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, using a broad promenade above the roadway that John Roebling designed solely for the enjoyment of pedestrians.

Today, the Brooklyn Bridge stands as a symbol of architectural innovation and the indomitable spirit of mankind. made of granite towers and steel cables, provides a safe and beautiful way for millions of people, including commuters, tourists, trains, bicycles, pushcarts, and cars, to cross.

The bridge’s rich history and the fascinating stories behind its construction add an extra layer of intrigue to this iconic New York City landmark.

Fun Facts of Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest and most recognizable suspension bridges in the United States, is not just a historical monument but also a treasure trove of interesting facts and stories. Here are some fun facts that add to the charm and intrigue of this iconic structure:

  • A Woman at the Helm: After the bridge’s designer, John Roebling, and his son, Washington Roebling, suffered accidents and illness, the project was taken over by Washington’s wife, Emily Roebling. She effectively became the first woman field engineer and the driving force behind the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • A Circus Stunt for Assurance: To prove the bridge’s safety and stability, showman P.T. Barnum led 21 elephants, including the famous Jumbo, across the bridge in 1884. This spectacle helped to alleviate public fears about the bridge’s structural integrity.
  • A Hidden Cold War Bunker: Unknown to many, the Brooklyn Bridge houses a hidden Cold War-era bunker beneath its anchorage. The bunker was filled with survival supplies, including blankets, water, and crackers, to sustain thousands of people during a nuclear attack.
  • Home to Peregrine Falcons: The bridge’s towers are nesting sites for peregrine falcons, the fastest animals on Earth. These birds of prey have made the bridge their home, adding a touch of wildlife to this urban structure.
  • A Site of Spectacular Feats: Over the years, the Brooklyn Bridge has been the site of various daring stunts. From flying planes under the bridge to bungee jumping off its towers, daredevils have used the bridge as a backdrop for their thrilling exploits.
  • A Symbol of Unity: The Brooklyn Bridge was built to connect the cities of New York and Brooklyn, which were separate cities until their consolidation in 1898. The bridge stands as a symbol of unity and is a testament to human ingenuity and architectural brilliance.

These fascinating facts make a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge not just a journey across a river, but also a trip through history, filled with tales of human endeavor, resilience, and creativity.

Best Way To Get Across Brooklyn Bridge (Walking)

Brooklyn Bridge view

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is an experience like no other. Yes, you’ll have to navigate through crowds, dodge flying selfie sticks, and sidestep speedy cyclists, but trust us, it’s totally worth it.

Every day, approximately 4,000 to 10,000 people choose to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, immersing themselves in the stunning views and the vibrant energy of the city.

Changes to the Bridge: Pedestrians and Cyclists

In September 2021, significant changes were made to the bridge’s layout. Previously, the pedestrian promenade and the cycling path on the bridge were marked by painted lines, leading to issues with shared use between cyclists and pedestrians.

To address this, the upper level of the Brooklyn Bridge is now designated for pedestrians only.

The Impact on Biking

With these changes, biking has become less ideal for those wanting to soak in the views. The bike lanes have been moved alongside the car lanes, limiting the scenic views compared to the pedestrian walkway.

While this change has improved safety and reduced congestion, it has somewhat diminished the biking experience.

So, if you’re after the best views and a leisurely pace, I recommend lacing up your shoes and hitting the pedestrian walkway. It’s the best way to appreciate the grandeur of the Brooklyn Bridge truly.

How Long Does It Take to Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge spans an impressive 1.134 miles (1.825 kilometers) in length, but the entrances to the pedestrian walkway are approximately 1.6 miles apart. This means that your leisurely stroll across this iconic landmark will be a bit longer than the bridge itself.

On average, it takes about 30 minutes to walk from one side to the other. However, given the bridge’s popularity, it can get quite crowded, especially during peak hours. Plus, you’ll likely want to stop frequently to take in the breathtaking views and snap some photographs.

So, while the walk could be completed in half an hour, I recommend setting aside at least an hour to enjoy this quintessential New York experience fully. After all, it’s not just about the destination but the journey itself.

Best Side of Brooklyn Bridge To Start Walk

When it comes to walking the Brooklyn Bridge, the direction you choose can significantly impact your experience. Both directions offer unique views and advantages, but they also have their own drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look:

Walking from Manhattan to Brooklyn

Starting your journey in Manhattan and walking towards Brooklyn allows you to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind gradually.

As you walk, the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan slowly recede, replaced by the charming brownstones and tree-lined streets of Brooklyn. This direction also offers a great view of the Statue of Liberty off to the right.


  • A gradual transition from the cityscape to a more residential area.
  • Great view of the Statue of Liberty.
  • Great food options on Brooklyn’s side

    Walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan

    On the other hand, starting your walk in Brooklyn and heading towards Manhattan offers arguably the most stunning view as you approach Manhattan, the iconic New York city skyline unfolds, providing a truly breathtaking sight, especially at sunset.


    • Spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline.
    • Ideal for photography, especially at sunset.


    • It can be more crowded as many people prefer this direction for the views.

    After considering both options, our recommendation would be to walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan. This direction offers the best skyline views, creating a more visually stunning experience.

    No matter which direction you choose, walking the Brooklyn Bridge will surely be a memorable experience.

    Getting to the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway

    Whether you’re planning to drive, take the subway, or walk, getting to the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway is a breeze. Here’s what you need to know:

    Driving and Parking

    If you’re driving to the bridge, there are a few parking options available. Free street parking is limited but possible with a bit of patience. You will have much better luck parking in Brooklyn.

    Keep in mind that you’ll need to adhere to the city’s parking regulations and be prepared for the possibility of having to park a few blocks away from the bridge.

    If you prefer a more convenient option, there are also hourly parking garages available. Rates can vary, so look out for special rates or discounts.

    Taking the Subway

    The subway is the most convenient way to get to the Brooklyn Bridge. Here are the nearest subway stations:

    If you’re starting from Manhattan:

    • Brooklyn Bridge / City Hall Station: Accessible via the Green Line (4, 5, 6 trains).
    • Chambers St Station: Accessible via the Brown Line (J, Z trains).
    • City Hall Station: Accessible via the Yellow Line (W, R, N trains).

    If you’re starting from Brooklyn:

    • High Street / Brooklyn Bridge Station: Accessible via the Blue Line (A, C trains).
    • Borough Hall Station: Accessible via the Red Line (2, 3 trains).

    These stations are all within a short walking distance of the pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge. Remember to check the MTA website or app for the latest subway schedules and service updates.

    No matter how you choose to get there, the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway awaits with its stunning views and iconic architecture.

    How To Find The Pedestrian Entrances TO The Brooklyn Bridge

    Finding the pedestrian entrances to the Brooklyn Bridge promenade is the first step to your unforgettable walk. There are four different entrances, each offering its own unique approach to the bridge. Here’s how to find them:

    Centre Street Entrance

    The Centre Street entrance is located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, at the intersection of Centre Street and Chambers Street, near City Hall Park. This entrance is ideal for exploring downtown Brooklyn or City Hall.

    Park Row Underpass Entrance

    Tucked away near the intersection of Park Row and Centre Street, the Park Row Underpass entrance is a bit more hidden but offers a direct route to the bridge. This entrance is a good choice if you’re coming from the east side of City Hall Park or the nearby Police Plaza.

    Tillary Street & Boerum Place Entrance

    Starting from the Brooklyn side? The Tillary Street + Boerum Place entrance is a great option. Located at the intersection of Tillary Street and Boerum Place, this entrance is right next to Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

    It’s a great entrance if you’re close to Brooklyn’s waterfront or taking photos at DUMBO.

    Prospect Street & Cadman Plaza Underpass Entrance

    Another entrance on the Brooklyn side is the Prospect Street + Cadman Plaza Underpass. You’ll find it at the intersection of Prospect Street and Cadman Plaza East, under the bridge approach. This entrance is perfect near the Cadman Plaza Park or the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.

    Each of these entrances leads directly to the pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge, offering you a unique starting point for your journey across this iconic landmark. Choose the one that’s most convenient for your location and enjoy the walk.

    Safety on the Brooklyn Bridge

    Walking the Brooklyn Bridge, whether day or night, is generally considered safe. The bridge is well-lit and is frequented by a steady stream of pedestrians, cyclists, and even police patrols, providing a secure environment for visitors at all hours.

    At night, the bridge takes on a magical quality with the city lights twinkling in the distance, and there’s often a lively atmosphere with many people around. However, as with any public space, it’s always important to stay aware of your surroundings.

    Keep your personal belongings secure and stick to the designated pedestrian areas. Rest assured, the Brooklyn Bridge is a popular and well-monitored location, making it a safe choice for your evening stroll. Enjoy the breathtaking views and the vibrant energy of the city with peace of mind.

    Walking Across Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset

    Aerial of Brooklyn Bridge walkway at night and Manhattan city skyline

    Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun sets is a magical experience. To help you make the most of this moment, here are some tips to keep in mind:

    • Plan your walk to coincide with sunset: The Brooklyn Bridge offers a stunning sunset view over the city skyline. To ensure you don’t miss this breathtaking sight, plan to start your walk about an hour before the sun is set to go down.
    • Check sunset times: Brooklyn Bridge sunset times vary throughout the year, so it’s a good idea to check a reliable weather app or website for the exact time on the day of your walk.
    • Dress appropriately: Evenings can get chilly, especially if there’s a breeze. Dress in layers and consider bringing a light jacket or sweater.
    • Bring a camera: The sunset over the Manhattan skyline is a sight you’ll want to capture. Whether using a professional camera or your smartphone, ensure it’s charged and ready to go.
    • Stay aware of your surroundings: The bridge can get crowded, especially during sunset. Monitor your belongings and be mindful of other pedestrians and cyclists.
    • Enjoy the moment: While it’s great to capture photos, don’t forget to take some time to enjoy the view. The sunset from the Brooklyn Bridge is truly a sight to behold.

    Walking Across Brooklyn Bridge at Night

    Experiencing the Brooklyn Bridge at night is a unique adventure, with the city’s lights reflecting off the East River and creating a mesmerizing spectacle. To ensure you have a memorable and safe experience, here are some tips to keep in mind:

    And here are some bullet points for walking the bridge at night:

    • Dress warmly: Even in the summer, it can get chilly at night, especially on the water. Bring a jacket or a sweater to stay comfortable.
    • Stay safe: The bridge is well-lit and usually busy, but it’s always a good idea to stay aware of your surroundings. Stick to the pedestrian path and keep an eye on your belongings.
    • Capture the night: The city lights provide a beautiful backdrop for photos. Whether using a phone or a professional camera, ensure it is ready to capture stunning views.
    • Enjoy the city skyline: The Manhattan skyline is particularly impressive at night. Take your time to enjoy the view.
    • Check the weather: If it’s going to be particularly cold or there’s a chance of rain, you might want to plan your walk for another night.

    Remember the last subway times: If you’re planning to take the subway after your walk, make sure you know when the last train leaves to avoid getting stranded.

    Walking The Brooklyn Bridge At Sunrise

    If you’re an early bird or a photography enthusiast or simply looking for a serene and less crowded experience, walking the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise offers a unique and magical perspective. Here are some key points to consider for this early morning adventure:

    • Start Early: To catch the sunrise, you’ll need to start your walk early. Check the sunrise time for your specific date and plan to start your walk about 30 minutes before that time.
    • Less Crowded: One of the biggest advantages of a sunrise walk is that the bridge is significantly less crowded. This allows for a more peaceful experience and unobstructed views.
    • Photography Opportunities: The sunrise provides beautiful lighting for photographs. The way the early morning light hits the buildings of the Manhattan skyline can result in some truly stunning shots.
    • Cooler Temperatures: Especially during the summer months, a sunrise walk can be more comfortable due to the cooler temperatures.
    • Start Your Day with a View: There’s something truly special about starting your day with the panoramic views from the Brooklyn Bridge. Watching the city wake up as the sun rises can be a magical experience.
    • Coffee and Breakfast: After your walk, enjoy a coffee and breakfast in a nearby cafe in Manhattan or Brooklyn. It’s a perfect way to round off your early morning adventure.

    Remember, safety should always be your priority. Even though the bridge is well-lit, it’s still a good idea to stay aware of your surroundings, especially when walking in the early morning.

    Things To Do By The Brooklyn Bridge

    The area surrounding the Brooklyn Bridge is rich with attractions that cater to a variety of interests. From historic sites to cultural hotspots, here are a few more places you might want to explore after your walk across the bridge:

    Jane's Carousel by Brooklyn Bridge Park

    In the DUMBO district of Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jane’s Carousel is a beautifully restored historic carousel. Built-in 1922, it offers a charming ride with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and the East River.

    Brooklyn Heights Promenade & Brooklyn Bridge Park

    The Brooklyn Heights Promenade offers breathtaking views of Lower Manhattan and the New York Harbor.

    Just below the promenade, Brooklyn Bridge Park is a waterfront park extending 1.3 miles along the East River, offering green spaces, sports facilities, and a variety of events and activities.

    Pebble Beach

    Also located in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pebble Beach is a small rocky beach that offers a unique perspective of the city skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a great spot for a picnic or just to relax and enjoy the view.

    Time Out Market

    Time Out Market, nestled in the heart of DUMBO, is a veritable feast for the senses. This food and cultural market encapsulates the vibrant spirit of New York City, offering a curated mix of culinary delights and cultural experiences under one roof.

    With 21 unique eateries, Time Out Market is a gastronomic paradise. Here, you can sample various cuisines, from succulent seafood at Seamore’s to mouth-watering Mexican fare at Alta Calidad.

    The market also houses three distinct bars, each offering a different ambiance. Whether you’re in the mood for a craft beer, a glass of fine wine, or a creative cocktail, you’ll find it here. The bars also offer a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring something for everyone.

    One World Trade Center – Ground Zero

    A short walk from the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade Center site, also known as Ground Zero, is a powerful memorial to the victims of the 9/11 attacks.

    The site includes the 9/11 Memorial & Museum and the One World Rade Center Observatory, offering a poignant reminder of the city’s resilience.

    St. Ann’s Warehouse

    St. Ann’s Warehouse is a performing arts institution in DUMBO. Known for its innovative and cutting-edge performances, it’s a great place to catch a show after your walk across the bridge.

    Pro Tip: Be sure to pre-book tickets on their website to avoid disappointment.

    Fulton Ferry Landing

    The historic Fulton Ferry Landing is located right next to the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a great place to enjoy the waterfront, and it’s also the location of the famous Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.

    New York City Hall

    On the Manhattan side of the bridge, you’ll find New York City Hall, the oldest city hall in the United States that still houses its original governmental functions. Guided tours are available for those interested in architecture and history.

    The Skyscraper Museum

    Also, on the Manhattan side, The Skyscraper Museum is a short walk from Battery Park City. The museum celebrates the city’s rich architectural history and the wonders of high-rise construction.

    Where To Get The Best Photos By Brooklyn Bridge

    If you’re looking for the perfect shot of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, you’re in luck. Several vantage points around the city offer breathtaking views of this architectural marvel. Here are some of the best places to capture the Brooklyn Bridge in all its glory:

    Time Out Market Rooftop


    One of the most unique perspectives of the Brooklyn Bridge can be found at the Time Out Market. Located in DUMBO, this food and cultural market boasts a rooftop with a panoramic view of the bridge.

    The juxtaposition of the historic bridge against the backdrop of the modern city skyline makes for a stunning photo. Remember to visit during golden hour for the best lighting.

    Brooklyn Bridge Park

    Brooklyn Bridge Park is another fantastic location for capturing the Brooklyn Bridge. The park stretches along the East River, offering unobstructed bridge views. The lush greenery of the park contrasted with the steel and stone of the bridge creates a dynamic and beautiful image.

    Fulton Ferry Landing

    Just a short walk from Brooklyn Bridge Park, you’ll find Fulton Ferry Landing. This historic location offers a direct view of the bridge, making it a popular spot for photographers. The bridge’s reflection on the water adds a layer of beauty to your photos.

    Brooklyn Heights Promenade

    The Brooklyn Heights Promenade offers a slightly elevated view of the Brooklyn Bridge. This location is perfect for capturing the bridge in the cityscape context. The promenade is also a great spot for night photography, as the bridge is beautifully lit against the night sky.

    The Manhattan Bridge View from Washington Street


    While this location technically features the Manhattan Bridge, it’s a must-visit spot for any photography enthusiast.

    Nestled between Front and Water Street in DUMBO, this iconic view perfectly frames the Manhattan Bridge. The cobblestone streets and historic buildings add a charming touch to your photos.

    Remember, the key to a great photo is not just the location but also the timing and the angle. So, take your time, explore different perspectives, and, most importantly, enjoy the process. Happy shooting.

    The Middle of the Bridge

    Don’t forget the middle of the bridge, where the city lights on either side and the cable lines leading into the distance create a symmetrical and mesmerizing shot.

    Wrapping Up: Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

    The Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic landmark that you must visit on your trip to New York City, and especially Brooklyn. I hope you found this guide helpful!

    If you want to learn more about all the amazing things to do in Brooklyn, be sure to check out the rest of my posts. Happy travels!

    Frequently Asked Questions: WALKING ACROSS BROOKLYN BRIDGE

    What Is the Best Time to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge?

    The best time to walk the Brooklyn Bridge can depend on what you want to experience. For cooler temperatures and fewer crowds, early morning is ideal.

    To capture stunning photographs, consider walking the bridge at sunset or at night when the city is bathed in a warm, golden light. However, any time of day provides its own unique charm and views.

    Is the Brooklyn Bridge Walk Free?

    Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is completely free of charge. It’s a public pedestrian walkway, open to everyone. This makes it a great activity for budget-conscious travelers or anyone looking to enjoy the city without spending a dime.

    Are There Bathrooms on the Brooklyn Bridge?

    Unfortunately, there are no bathroom facilities located directly on the Brooklyn Bridge. However, public restrooms can be found nearby in City Hall Park in Manhattan and in the DUMBO neighborhood in Brooklyn.

    Is the Brooklyn Bridge Wheelchair Accessible?

    The Brooklyn Bridge is wheelchair accessible. The pedestrian walkway is wide and paved, making it suitable for wheelchairs. However, it’s worth noting that the bridge does have a slight incline so some assistance may be needed.

    Are There Food Vendors on the Brooklyn Bridge?

    While there are no food vendors directly on the Brooklyn Bridge, you’ll find plenty of options at either end of the bridge.

    In Manhattan, there are numerous restaurants and food carts in the surrounding area. In Brooklyn, you can explore the culinary delights of DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights.

    Can You Walk the Brooklyn Bridge in Winter?

    Absolutely, the Brooklyn Bridge is open to pedestrians all year round, including winter. While the weather can be chilly, the views of the snow-covered city can be quite spectacular. Just remember to dress warmly and be cautious, as the walkway can be slippery if it’s snowy or icy.

    Are Dogs Allowed on the Brooklyn Bridge?

    Dogs are welcome on the Brooklyn Bridge, but they must be kept on a leash at all times. It’s a great way to give your furry friend some exercise while you both enjoy the stunning views.

    Are There Guided Tours of the Brooklyn Bridge?

    There are indeed several companies that offer guided tours of the Brooklyn Bridge. These tours are a fantastic way to enrich your experience, providing a wealth of historical and architectural information about this iconic landmark.

    For instance, companies like “Free Tours by Foot” offer walking tours of the Brooklyn Bridge and surrounding neighborhoods. 

    These tours operate on a “pay-what-you-like” basis and are led by knowledgeable local guides who share fascinating stories and facts about the bridge’s history and construction.

    Another option is “Inside Out Tours,” which offers a comprehensive Brooklyn Bridge tour. This tour not only covers the bridge itself but also explores the rich history of the surrounding neighborhoods, including DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights.

    Can You See the Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn Bridge?

    Absolutely, one of the highlights of walking the Brooklyn Bridge is the view of the Statue of Liberty. From the bridge, you can see Lady Liberty standing proudly in the distance. It’s a sight that’s especially beautiful at sunset when the statue is illuminated against the evening sky.

    Local’s Ultimate Brooklyn Bridge Walk Guide (2023)

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