You’re about to discover the magic of Dyker Heights during the festive Christmas season.

Imagine walking down streets illuminated by millions of twinkling lights, each corner revealing a new, dazzling holiday spectacle. This guide is your key to exploring the best Dyker Heights Christmas Lights.

Think of this as your personal tour through a neighborhood transformed into a breathtaking winter wonderland. Every home you’ll see is part of a friendly competition, showcasing brilliant light displays and holiday decorations that will leave you in awe.

Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a returning fan, the lights in Dyker Heights have something special for you. From the famous displays at the Spata and Polizzotto houses to the equally stunning decorations on other streets, you’ll know exactly where to find the best and brightest spots.

Get ready to step into a world where holiday cheer shines brightly into the night and every glowing light brings the community’s Christmas spirit to life. Let’s start exploring the holiday wonders of Dyker Heights together!

Christmas lights in Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

History of the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights didn’t just become an overnight sensation. Lucy Spata’s vision and creativity sparked what would become a beloved annual tradition.

When Lucy first adorned her home with twinkling lights and festive ornaments in the 1980s, little did she know she was starting a trend that would transform the entire neighborhood into a holiday hotspot.

As years passed, this wasn’t just about competing for the brightest house on the block. It became a community affair, a way for neighbors to connect and spread joy.

The tradition grew beyond Lucy’s original vision, with homes vying to outdo each other with not just lights but also life-sized Santas, snowmen, reindeer, and even animated displays. 84th Street, in particular, became famous for its over-the-top decorations, drawing crowds from all over.

Visiting Dyker Heights during this time is more than just a visual treat; it’s a way to experience the warmth and spirit of a community coming together to celebrate the joy of the season.

It’s a chance to create lasting memories, whether walking hand-in-hand with loved ones, snapping photos for your holiday album, or simply soaking in the holiday cheer.

Each year, the displays change slightly, with residents adding new elements or tweaking their designs so that every visit can offer a unique experience. And let’s not forget the sense of anticipation and excitement in the air – it’s palpable.

See what makes Dyker Heights a must-visit destination for experiencing the true essence of holiday magic in New York City.

Best Time to Visit Dyker Heights

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If you’re wondering when the perfect time to head to Dyker Heights for the ultimate Christmas light experience is, let’s break it down so you can plan your visit just right. The lights twinkle at dusk, so think about arriving after 5 p.m.

Once the neighborhood begins to glow, the full magic of the lights comes alive. Most homes keep their displays on until around midnight, but some might turn them off earlier, around 9 p.m.

Prime Visiting Season & Crowd Avoidance Tips

You’ll start seeing the lights right after Thanksgiving Day, but here’s a tip: the prime time to visit is from mid-December to New Year’s Eve. That’s when the lights are dazzling, and the festive spirit is at its peak.

Want to dodge the crowds? Avoid the weekends if you can. Weekends can get packed, with many people flocking to see the displays.

If you want a more relaxed experience, where you can take your time admiring each decoration and snapping the perfect photos without too many photo bombers, aim for a weekday visit. The streets are less crowded then, especially in the early phase of the season, starting from late November.

A Family-Friendly Visiting Time

And here’s a little extra tip: if you’re planning to bring along a toddler, especially one who’ll be walking, a weekday visit is the way to go. The best times are after sunset, typically between 5:30 and 8 pm.

This way, you can enjoy the lights with less hustle and bustle, making it a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for the little ones (and for you, too!).

In summary, for a magical evening at Dyker Heights, consider a visit after 5 p.m. on a weekday in mid-December. You’ll be all set to wander through a luminous winter wonderland bursting with holiday cheer and breathtaking light displays.

Where is Dyker Heights, and How to Get There

Christmas lights with Mickey Mouse in Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

Ready to head over to Dyker Heights? Here’s the lowdown on where it is and how to get there. In southwest Brooklyn, Dyker Heights sits cozily between Bath Beach, Bay Ridge, Borough Park, and Bensonhurst. It’s a festive paradise right in the heart of Brooklyn.

Taking Public Transportation

While there’s no direct subway line from midtown Manhattan to Dyker Heights, don’t worry – getting there is still a breeze with public transportation. Your best bet is to hop on the D, M, or R trains and get off at New Utrecht Ave. From there, Dyker Heights is just a short hop away.

For an even smoother journey, why not take the bus? The B70 bus route goes directly to Dyker Heights, making your trip as easy as pie. Plus, with bus and subway stations peppered around the area, getting to this festive Brooklyn neighborhood is straightforward.

Tips for Driving

Are you thinking of driving there? Remember that the streets can get heavily trafficked during the holiday season, with everyone eager to see the lights. 

A good tip is to park a few blocks from the main light displays and walk over. This will save you the hassle of finding a spot in the busy areas and allow you to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood.

If walking is an issue, or it’s really chilly out, driving through the area is definitely an option. Just be prepared for a slow drive – consider it a leisurely cruise through a winter wonderland!

In summary, getting to Dyker Heights is all part of the adventure. Whether you take the train, catch a bus, or drive, the holiday magic of the lights awaits!

Where Are The Most Lights?

Are you wondering where to find the most dazzling Dyker Heights holiday lights? Let’s light the way for you. The most spectacular displays nestle between 83rd and 85th streets and 10th and 12th avenues.

The real show-stoppers are on 84th Street, the epicenter of all that holiday glow and where each house outshines the last in a friendly rivalry of festive lights.

Spotlight on Spata House

Lucy Spata’s house at 1152 84th Street is at the heart of this twinkling tradition. Known fondly as “the angel,” her home is where it all began. It’s decked out every December with an army of nutcrackers, cheerful Santa sculptures, and many Christmas decorations.

It’s not just a house but a beacon of holiday spirit and a must-see. Lucy’s passion for holiday decor has sparked a neighborhood-wide transformation, making her home a central highlight of the Dyker Heights Christmas experience.

The Enchanting Polizzotto House

Just a stone’s throw away, at 1145 84th Street, is the Polizzotto House. It showcases a Toy Land-themed wonderland originally created by Alfred Polizzotto over 26 years ago.

Picture this: mechanized horses, towering 29-foot-tall toy soldiers, and leaping lords, all creating a magical, festive world right on the front porch. This display is more than just lights; it’s a beloved holiday tradition, drawing visitors from near and far.

A Festive Visit to the Saita House

As you wander through Dyker Heights, stop by the Saita House at 1135 84th Street. This historical gem, listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places, offers a unique blend of history and holiday cheer.

Built by Simone Saita, a wealthy fruit wholesaler, this house stands out for its festive decorations and historical significance.

While Dyker Heights is renowned for its extravagant Christmas lights, the Saita House adds a touch of historical charm to the neighborhood’s festive display.

Its well-preserved architecture, combined with the dazzling holiday lights, creates a magical experience that connects the past with the present.

See how this historical landmark participates in the modern tradition of holiday lights, adding a layer of wonder to your Dyker Heights Christmas adventure.

Dyker Heights Tour Options

There are several tour options available for experiencing the Dyker Heights Christmas lights. These include bus tours, walking tours, and self-guided visits. Some of the most recommended tour options are:

Original Christmas Lights Tour of Dyker Heights

Embark on a festive adventure with the “Original Christmas Lights Tour of Dyker Heights” offered by A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours. Available nightly in December (excluding the 24th Christmas Eve and 25th Christmas Day) with departures at 6, 7, and 8 PM, this 3.5-hour tour immerses you in the holiday spirit.

The tour starts from Union Square in Manhattan and costs $65 for adults and $55 for children under 12. Limited priority seating is available.

It features a visit to Lucy Spata’s house, the pioneer of Dyker Heights’ famous Christmas lights, showcasing homes with lights synchronized to music and other unique decorations.

Guests are treated to candy canes and souvenir fridge magnets, and the tour is enriched with a multimedia presentation of vintage Christmas TV specials.

What sets this tour apart is the local Brooklyn guides, who grew up in the area and share personal insights into the homeowners and their dazzling displays, offering an authentic and comprehensive look at one of the country’s most impressive holiday light spectacles.

Brooklyn Christmas Lights Tour by Brooklyn Unplugged Tours

The Brooklyn Christmas Lights Tour by Brooklyn Unplugged Tours offers an enchanting journey through the Dyker Heights neighborhood, famous for its extravagant holiday light displays.

This walking tour, which runs from December 1 to December 30, allows you to immerse yourself in a world of festive lights and decorations. It runs at 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and lasts approximately 90 minutes. Tickets are $25.

The tour starts at 8626 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209, in front of Gigi’s Bakery.

This tour is a perfect way to experience the competitive yet heartwarming holiday spirit of the Dyker Heights residents, with stories of neighbors vying to create the most impressive light displays, some investing nearly a million dollars in their festive decorations.

The walking distance is about 2 miles, offering a comprehensive view of the neighborhood’s best-decorated homes. Brooklyn Unplugged provides customized options for private or group tours, including walking or driving tours, with variable pricing based on group size and tour type.

NYC: Dyker Heights Christmas Lights & Skyline View Bus

The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights tour, a must-see holiday attraction in Brooklyn, offers unique experiences at different prices through various providers.

For those who prefer to explore on foot, a walking tour is an affordable option at $35.00 per person. It’s even more family-friendly, with free admission for children aged five and under.

For a more comfortable and guided experience, “A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours” offers a bus tour priced at $59.00. This tour provides a comprehensive view of the stunning light displays from the comfort of a bus.

Alternatively, another provider offers a 4-hour bus tour for $60.00, showcasing a slightly different perspective of the famed Dyker Heights lights.

It’s crucial to compare each tour’s specific details and inclusions before booking. Factors like the duration of the tour, the mode of transport, and any additional perks included in the price can influence your choice.

Whether you opt for the intimacy of a walking tour or the convenience of a bus tour, each option presents a unique way to experience the festive magic of Dyker Heights’ famous New York City Christmas lights.

Where to eat near Dyker Heights

After taking in the extravagant Christmas lights of Dyker Heights, you’re sure to work up an appetite. Luckily, there are plenty of delicious dining options near the neighborhood. Here are a few recommendations:


After a delightful evening admiring the Dyker Heights Christmas lights, if you find yourself craving a good burger, BurgerFi is the place to go. Nestled at 719 86th St, Brooklyn, it’s a stone’s throw away from the festive lights.

Known for its scrumptious, made-from-scratch burgers, BurgerFi offers a variety of options, including the classic BurgerFi Burger, the veggie-friendly VegeFi Burger, and the popular plant-based Beyond Burger.

Not just burgers, their menu also features crispy chicken tenders, jumbo chicken wings, and tasty sides like fresh-cut fries and beer-battered onion rings. For those with a sweet tooth, their shakes, and frozen custards, in flavors like Red Velvet and Ghirardelli Chocolate, are a must-try.

It’s a great spot for everyone, with kid-friendly meal options and popular items like the classic and delectable Bacon Cheeseburger. The restaurant’s diverse menu and commitment to quality have made it a hit among locals and visitors alike.

Annabelle’s Pastaria

For a cozy Italian meal after your lights tour, head over to Annabelle’s Pastaria at 717 86th St, Brooklyn. This casual spot is a neighborhood gem known for its heartwarming, homemade pasta.

The authentic Italian flavors shine through every dish, from rich sauces to specialty creations. Whether you’re popping in for a leisurely lunch or a comforting dinner, Annabelle’s Pastaria is ready to welcome you with its warm and friendly vibe.

And for those with gluten sensitivities, they’ve got you covered with gluten-free pasta options. It’s a perfect place to unwind and savor some genuine Italian fare in the heart of Dyker Heights.


Meze is a Mediterranean and Greek restaurant located at 6601 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219, and offers an array of authentic Greek dishes.

From appetizers like grape leaves and spanakopita to Psari (seafood) dishes and flavorful salads, they provide an authentic taste of Greece. Don’t miss their tzatziki and freshly baked pita bread. The dessert menu includes baklava, rice pudding, and loukoumades.

With rave reviews for traditional Greek cuisine, Meze offers a warm and inviting dining experience. It’s the go-to spot in Dyker Heights for those seeking an authentic Greek culinary adventure.

Other Things To See in Dyker Heights

While exploring the magical Dyker Heights Christmas lights, don’t miss the chance to check out some other fantastic sights in the area! 

New Utrecht Reformed Church

Step back in time with a visit to the New Utrecht Reformed Church. Built in 1828, this church is a beautiful example of Georgian Gothic architecture. It’s more than just a pretty building – it’s one of the oldest churches in New York City, serving the Brooklyn community since 1677! Imagine the stories and history this church has witnessed over the centuries. It’s a real gem for anyone interested in historical sites.

Harbor Defense Museum

If you’re a history buff, you’ll love the Harbor Defense Museum near Fort Hamilton. Guess what? It’s free to enter! Dive into a world of military artifacts and historical treasures from the old Fort Hamilton. The museum has fascinating exhibits on the Battle of Brooklyn, World War I, and World War II. It’s a great way to learn about the area’s rich military history and its roles in these significant events.

The Gingerbread House of Bay Ridge

Ready for something straight out of a fairy tale? Check out the Gingerbread House of Bay Ridge. This isn’t your ordinary house – it looks like a storybook gingerbread house! It’s a dream come true for architecture lovers and anyone who enjoys quirky and whimsical designs. This house stands out and adds a touch of magic to the neighborhood.

The Amazing Aquarium

For a fun family outing, visit The Amazing Aquarium. It might not be as big as other aquariums, but it’s packed with fascinating marine life. It’s a cozy, family-friendly spot perfect for those who love to learn about aquatic creatures. Explore the wonders of the underwater world and get up close with some fantastic sea life.


This friendly guide to the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights tradition explains how it all started in the 1980s, thanks to Lucy Spata’s beautiful decorations. For fewer crowds, the best time to visit is after 5 p.m. on weekdays in late November.

You can get there by bus or car, but be ready for some traffic. The most amazing lights are between 83rd and 85th streets, especially on 84th Street.

Don’t miss the charming Spata House and the magical Polizzotto House. There are great tour options, and if you’re hungry, try BurgerFi, Annabelle’s Pastaria, or Meze nearby. Enjoy the holiday spirit!

Festive Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Guide (2024)

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