Are you looking for the best things to do in Park Slope, Brooklyn? You’ve come to the right place. Imagine walking through this vibrant neighborhood, uncovering its hidden gems and well-loved spots.

This guide is your key to the best experiences Park Slope offers, where history and modern vibes blend seamlessly. You’ll find a mix of serene parks, delicious eats, and rich history here.

Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing day in the park, a delightful evening of dining, or a stroll through charming historic streets, Park Slope has something special for you.

Get ready to explore the best of Park Slope. You’re about to dive into all the fun and fascinating places this neighborhood has in store. There’s much to see and do, from lush green spaces to tantalizing local cuisine.

Let’s embark on this journey and discover why Park Slope is a must-visit destination in Brooklyn in 2024!

Brief History of Park Slope

Have you ever wondered about the history of Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York? It’s a neighborhood with roots stretching back to the 17th century. Originally, Dutch farmers worked the land here, growing crops on open farmland.

As time marched on to the early 19th century, these farms transformed. The land was divided into smaller, rectangular plots, paving the way for new developments. Then, in the 1880s, something big happened.

With Prospect Park completed, Park Slope started to bloom with elegant mansions and charming rowhouses, the neighborhood’s first golden age.

But life is full of changes, right? By the mid-20th century, Park Slope faced tough times. The once-bustling area declined before another wave of revitalization in the 1960s.

New life was breathed into the neighborhood, bringing a resurgence in popularity and a boost in property values.

Interestingly, Park Slope didn’t just change in looks; it also grew in diversity. From 2010 to 2020, there was a noticeable increase in Asian and multi-racial residents, enriching the community’s cultural fabric.

Today, when you visit Park Slope, you’ll notice its historic charm right alongside modern attractions. The area is known for its well-preserved buildings, fantastic restaurants, lively bars, and many shops.

It’s a unique blend of history and contemporary lifestyle, making Park Slope a desirable place to live and a fascinating part of New York City to explore. History is still alive in this neighborhood, adding depth to every street and corner.

Why Visit Park Slope

Are you thinking about visiting Park Slope in Brooklyn? Let me tell you, there are plenty of reasons why this neighborhood is a must-see. Imagine strolling down streets lined with beautiful trees, feeling like you’ve entered a cozy, welcoming book. That’s the charm of Park Slope for you!

One of the best spots here is Prospect Park. It’s a fantastic place for everyone, whether you’re up for a picnic, a leisurely walk, or even some fun at the Prospect Park Zoo. There’s always something to do outdoors, perfect for a family day out or a peaceful solo adventure.

But that’s not all. Park Slope isn’t just pretty; it’s got history too. Think back to the 17th century when Dutch farmers first settled here. That old-world charm still lingers in the air. And when it comes to eating and shopping, Park Slope is a real treat.

You’ll find some of the best restaurants, bars, and shops here. Whether you’re a foodie or a shopaholic, you’re in for a good time.

So, why visit Park Slope? It’s simple: whether you love green spaces, are a fan of history, or just want to enjoy some great food and shopping, Park Slope has something special for everyone. The neighborhood blends the past with the present in the most delightful way.

Getting to Park Slope

Navigating your way to Park Slope in Brooklyn is straightforward, with various transportation options to suit your preferences. Whether you’re coming from Manhattan or already in Brooklyn, you can choose from multiple modes of transport to reach this vibrant neighborhood.

From Manhattan:

  • Subway: A convenient and popular choice, the subway can get you to Park Slope in about 18 to 30 minutes, depending on the time of day and train schedules.
  • Bus: Buses offer a scenic route, with travel times varying based on traffic conditions.
  • Taxi: A taxi ride provides a direct and comfortable journey, with the duration varying due to traffic.
  • Car: If you prefer driving, the travel time will depend on the traffic flow. Various routes are available to reach Park Slope.

Within Brooklyn:

  • Bus: Multiple bus routes service the area, offering easy access from different parts of Brooklyn.
  • Subway: The subway is a quick option, with the nearest station just a 6-minute ride away from some parts of Brooklyn.
  • Taxi: Taxi are readily available and can provide a quick and direct route.
  • On Foot: Walking can be a pleasant option if you’re nearby, allowing you to enjoy the local scenery.

Subway Stations in Park Slope:

  • Seventh Avenue Station (Seventh Avenue-Park Slope Station): Located on the IND Culver Line, this express station at Seventh Avenue and Ninth Street is a central point for accessing Park Slope. It is served by the F and G trains at all times, with additional F train services during peak hours.
  • 4 Avenue-9 Street Station: Also on the F and G lines, this station is conveniently situated for accessing various parts of Park Slope.
  • Flatbush Avenue: This station, served by the 2 and 3 trains, is another option for reaching Park Slope.
  • Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center: Located on the border of Park Slope, this central transportation hub provides access to various subway lines and bus services.

Bus Routes to Park Slope:

  • B61: This route runs to Park Slope 20 St via Red Hook, a good option for accessing the neighborhood from different parts of Brooklyn.
  • B67: This route goes to Downtown Brooklyn Sands St via Flatbush Avenue, providing a direct link to Park Slope.
  • B69: Traveling to Downtown Brooklyn Sands St via Vanderbilt, the B69 is another convenient route for reaching Park Slope.

The standard fare for a bus ride to Park Slope is approximately $2, offering an affordable and accessible means of transport.

Best Things To Do in Park Slope

Kicking off our Park Slope must-sees is the Old Stone House. A step inside this historic site is like a time travel experience. Full of history, it offers a variety of attractions and events you’ll love.

The first floor hosts a captivating permanent exhibit from Friday to Sunday, noon to 4 p.m. But the Old Stone House is more than just a historical place; it’s a vibrant cultural center with regular events, workshops, and exhibitions.

It’s a spot where history enthusiasts and culture lovers will find something interesting. Accessibility is a priority here. The first floor and public restrooms are fully accessible. For health and safety, masks are optional, with available extras.

The best part? There’s no admission fee. That’s right, exploring this piece of Brooklyn’s history is free. So, whether you’re a local or just visiting, the Old Stone House is an essential stop in Park Slope, offering a perfect blend of past and present.

Union Hall in Park Slope is your next stop for laid-back vibes and homey decor. Imagine a lively bar with unique upstairs bocce courts and a vibrant scene of nightly comedy and live music downstairs. It’s a favorite spot for locals and visitors, conveniently near the subway for easy access.

Their menu is all about variety. It offers around 40 small plates to taste creative American cuisine with global influences.

The drink selection is impressive, with 50 wines by the bottle, 25 by the glass, an extensive beer list, and unique cocktails like their “Union Brew” ale and The Delegate, a mix of Patron Silver, Solerno, honey, OJ, and red wine. Plus, live DJs on weekends add to the lively atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing drink, a night of laughs, or some great music, Union Hall is a must-visit in Park Slope. Every evening promises something exciting.

Next on your Park Slope itinerary is the magnificent Prospect Park. This sprawling 585-acre oasis in Brooklyn is a playground of diverse attractions. The park is a feast for the senses, from the stunning Brooklyn Botanic Garden to its open fields, lush forests, and serene water features.

Activities here are plentiful. You can enjoy birdwatching, join nature programs, or glide on skates. Prospect Park is not just about leisure; it’s a place of learning, too, with various tours to delve into its rich history and features.

Families and outdoor lovers, take note: the park houses the LeFrak Center at Lakeside, the Prospect Park Tennis Center, and seven playgrounds. There’s a corner for every age and interest.

But that’s not all. Prospect Park is a hub for events like Smorgasburg, where foodies gather, and the Lena Horne Bandshell, a stage for live music. These events offer a blend of entertainment and culinary exploration.

Whether seeking outdoor fun, cultural enrichment, or a tranquil spot to unwind, Prospect Park caters to all. It’s a must-visit for a complete Park Slope experience.

The fourth stop in Park Slope is the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket. Located at Prospect Park’s northwest entrance, this vibrant market from GrowNYC operates year-round on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

This market is a haven for those seeking fresh, organic, and free-range products featuring goods from regional farmers. It’s the perfect spot for the freshest, healthiest local food.

The market supports the community by accepting various insurance and coupon options, including Healthfirst OTC Plus and Humana Healthy Options, WIC & Senior FMNP coupons, and Greenmarket Bucks. They even offer a $2 Health Buck bonus for every $2 spent with SNAP/EBT/P-EBT, up to $10 per day.

Visitors can explore a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, and more from Northeast farmers and fishers. It’s more than a market; it’s a chance to connect with producers and learn about seasonal offerings while supporting local agriculture.

Don’t miss out on a Saturday morning at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, a vibrant spot to enjoy and support local, sustainable food.

Next on your Park Slope adventure is Psychic Records. Nestled at 413B 7th Ave in Brooklyn, this record store is a paradise for music lovers. With a solid online and in-store reputation, Psychic Records offers an eclectic mix of new and vintage vinyl, CDs, and tapes.

The store stands out with a 4.7 rating on Google from 120 reviews, and it’s equally praised on platforms like Yelp. Chris, the owner, is known for his skill in curating a broad and finely tuned collection appealing to diverse musical tastes.

Whether you’re a long-time vinyl enthusiast or just starting your collection, Psychic Records is a place you’ll want to explore. It’s a must-visit for anyone passionate about music, offering a unique journey through sound and history.

Next up on our list is a visit to BKLYN Larder at 228 Flatbush Ave. This specialty food store is a paradise for lovers of cheese and meats, offering an impressive selection of artisanal cheeses, custom provisions, and locally sourced foods.

Known for celebrating culinary excellence, it’s a haven for seasonal, small-batch, and ethically produced delights.

Enjoying both online and in-store popularity, BKLYN Larder boasts a 4.4 Google rating from 262 reviews. More than just a store, it also provides catering services and curated food gift baskets, attracting food enthusiasts from all over.

Open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, BKLYN Larder is famed for its top-quality offerings. From classic cheddar to pimento cheese and various handpicked cheeses, it caters to every cheese lover and those searching for premium, gourmet products.

For anyone with a taste for fine cheeses and artisanal foods, BKLYN Larder is a must-visit destination in Park Slope.

Next on our Park Slope list is The Chocolate Room at 269 Court St, Brooklyn. A paradise for sweet tooths, it’s famed for its exquisite, house-made chocolates.

They offer a delightful array of treats, from addictive Crispy Chocolate Chunk cookies to rich hot chocolate and pure milk chocolate bars.

The staff’s welcoming nature adds to the memorable experience, making it a favorite among dessert lovers. Their popular offerings include:

  • Crispy Chocolate Chunk cookies are known for their irresistible taste.
  • Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake and Classic Chocolate Layer Cake.
  • The Signature Chocolate Box showcases an assortment of the store’s finest chocolates.
  • Fudgy The Chocolate Room Brownies and Classic Pure Milk Chocolate Bars.

With an inviting atmosphere, The Chocolate Room is a top destination in Park Slope for quality chocolate treats. The Signature Chocolate Box, available in various sizes, is perfect for gifting or personal indulgence, with prices ranging from $24 to $80.

Next on your Park Slope itinerary is an unforgettable movie experience with Rooftop Films. This unique organization brings outdoor film screenings to various locations, including Park Slope, Brooklyn.

They curate diverse film programs, from feature-length movies to shorts and other cinematic forms, perfect for movie buffs.

The screenings are set in distinctive venues like the courtyards of Industry City, offering a memorable backdrop for film enthusiasts.

While specific details about Park Slope screenings weren’t available, Rooftop Films is celebrated for its eclectic and artist-friendly festivals, ideal for those seeking independent films under the stars.

For the latest on their Park Slope events, check out their official website or subscribe to their mailing list for early access to exclusive screenings.

If you’re a regular movie-goer, consider their membership for perks like discounted tickets, early ticket access, priority entry, and invites to special events. Rooftop Films offers a unique way to enjoy cinema in an open-air setting, making it a must-try experience in Park Slope.

Next up on your Park Slope exploration is a stroll to admire the historic brownstones. These architectural gems are a signature element of the neighborhood, embodying its rich heritage and playing a key role in its development.

Imagine walking down picturesque, tree-lined streets with rows of these charming brownstones. Each one tells a story of the past, contributing to the unique character and allure of Park Slope (just like Carroll Gardens).

These structures aren’t just buildings; they’re a testament to the area’s history and have become coveted properties, sought after for their beauty and the sense of history they embody.

A self-guided tour of Park Slope’s brownstones is a must for architecture enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates historical beauty.

It’s a chance to step back in time and appreciate the craftsmanship and elegance that have made these homes so iconic. Walking among these historic brownstones is not just a stroll; it’s an exploration of Park Slope’s enduring charm.

For a vibrant shopping and dining experience, head to 5th Avenue in Park Slope. This lively street boasts unique, independent boutiques, offering an alternative to typical chain stores.

Discover places like the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store, Lion in the Sun, La Belle Boutique, and the Community Bookstore, favorites among book lovers.

5th Avenue caters to all tastes and budgets, with various options from affordable finds to luxury items. When it comes to dining, the avenue is a foodie’s delight. Choose from multiple cuisines at restaurants like Al di là Trattoria, Fausto, Camperdown Elm, and Sushi Katsuei.

Casual diners will enjoy Stone Park Cafe, Rose Water, and Krupa Grocery, while pizza enthusiasts can’t miss Norm’s Pizza and Guisseppina’s Brick Oven.

This bustling avenue is not just about shopping; it’s a culinary journey, making 5th Avenue in Park Slope a key destination for an authentic Brooklyn experience.

For a relaxing and scenic experience, stroll down 7th Avenue in Park Slope. Known as the neighborhood’s traditional heart, it offers a more serene and historic ambiance than the bustling 5th Avenue.

This charming street is lined with beautiful architecture, inviting you to admire its beauty while exploring the variety of dining and shopping spots.

7th Avenue is not just about the buildings; its lush greenery adds to its tranquil urban charm. It’s perfect for those seeking a peaceful walk in a picturesque setting. Plus, with easy accessibility by foot, bike, or subway, getting there is a breeze.

The ideal time to visit 7th Avenue is late morning or early afternoon, when the shops and eateries are open, and the avenue is lively yet relaxed.

It’s the perfect opportunity to discover unique boutiques, enjoy a leisurely lunch, and immerse yourself in the neighborhood’s vibrant yet laid-back atmosphere. This time of day provides a more tranquil experience, away from the evening rush.

So, for a glimpse into the quieter side of Park Slope, 7th Avenue is a must-visit.

For a unique cinematic experience, Nitehawk Cinema is a must-visit. With locations in Williamsburg and Prospect Park, Brooklyn, this theater redefines movie-going by pairing screenings with delightful food and drink service.

Find the Williamsburg venue at 136 Metropolitan Ave and the Prospect Park location at 188 Prospect Park West. Nitehawk offers a diverse film selection, from the latest blockbusters to cult classics and special event screenings.

Ticket prices at the Williamsburg location are as follows:

  • Standard Tickets: $17 for reserved seating.
  • Event Tickets: $10-16 for repertory screenings, $18 for special guest features, and $20 for live music or Spoons Toons & Booze events.
  • Film Feasts and cultural events have variable pricing.
  • Discounted Tickets: $13 for seniors, children (3-12), military personnel, and guests with disabilities, available at the box office with ID.

Nitehawk Cinema isn’t just about watching movies; it’s an experience that combines the joy of cinema with the pleasure of dining, making it an innovative and enjoyable destination in Brooklyn.

Head to Barbès in Brooklyn’s South Slope for a vibrant live music scene. Since opening in 2002, this bar and performance space has hosted over 18,000 events featuring diverse musical genres and artists.

Barbès has been instrumental in enriching Brooklyn’s cultural scene, providing a supportive environment for emerging and established musicians.

The venue’s calendar is filled with various shows, some with donation-based entry and others with a set admission fee, payable online or at the door.

The atmosphere at Barbès is casual and inviting, ideal for enjoying live music and drinks in a comfortable setting. Its unique interior, marked by a curved wooden ceiling and soft lighting, adds to the venue’s distinctive charm.

As a hub for great music and a relaxed social atmosphere, Barbès is a standout destination in Brooklyn for anyone seeking an authentic and enjoyable live music experience.

Next on your Park Slope journey is Ginger’s Bar, a beloved establishment in the neighborhood. Known for its retro decor and welcoming vibe, Ginger’s Bar has been a favorite spot since its opening in 2000, especially within the lesbian community.

This bar stands out for its inclusive and relaxed atmosphere, making it a go-to place for those seeking a lesbian-friendly environment.

Yet, its appeal extends beyond Ginger’s Bar, which is open to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, embodying a true sense of community and acceptance.

Ginger’s Bar is more than just a drinking spot; it’s a social hub where everyone can enjoy good drinks, great music, and a warm ambiance. It’s a place that brings people together, offering a cozy and inviting space for all who walk through its doors.

Wednesday nights at Ginger’s Bar are lively and known for their vibrant yet laid-back feel. It’s the perfect mid-week escape for anyone looking to unwind, socialize, and enjoy the unique character of this Park Slope gem.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Ginger’s Bar promises a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Vintage shopping in Park Slope is a must for a delightful dive into the past. This Brooklyn neighborhood is a treasure trove for those hunting for unique and retro items. Here are some popular vintage and thrift stores to explore:

  • Housing Works Thrift Store: You will find a wide selection of items here, and your purchases will support a great cause.
  • Life Boutique Thrift: This store is perfect for those seeking diverse vintage pieces and one-of-a-kind finds.
  • Beacon’s Closet: A go-to spot for trendy and vintage clothing, ideal for fashion enthusiasts.
  • Slope Vintage: Located at 71 5th Ave, this store offers a carefully curated collection of vintage treasures.
  • Rewind Vintage: Another excellent choice for retro and vintage enthusiasts.

These stores in Park Slope offer everything from vintage clothing, designer items, and accessories to unique home goods and antiques.

Whether you have a particular item in mind or just love the thrill of discovering hidden gems, Park Slope’s vintage shops are a paradise for those who appreciate the charm and story behind each piece.

For a serene journey through history, visit Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Located at 500 25th St, this site is not just a cemetery but a place of significant cultural and architectural importance.

Green-Wood offers a tranquil setting with beautiful landscaping and monuments. It’s the final resting place of influential Civil War and Revolutionary War figures. Its stunning headstones and monuments make it a notable destination for locals and tourists.

The cemetery hosts various tours, including walking and trolley tours, to explore its rich history and notable residents.

It’s open to the public during specific hours, with the main entrance accessible from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (October to March) and 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (April to September). Other entrances are open daily from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Visiting Green-Wood Cemetery is a peaceful and enlightening experience, offering a unique glimpse into history amidst a serene backdrop.

For a unique theatrical experience, check out PuppetWorks at 338 6th Ave in Park Slope. This puppet theater specializes in school shows and offers performances for groups of 20 or more on weekdays at scheduled times. 

PuppetWorks also provides interactive presentations for Pre-K classes, bringing the magic of puppetry directly to schools. Note that these weekday shows are exclusively for groups and schools.

For families and the general public, PuppetWorks offers its Family Series Performances. Ticket prices for these shows are $12.50 for general admission, with a reduced rate of $8.50 for children. Group rates are also available for schools and nonprofits, making it an affordable outing for educational groups.

While PuppetWorks caters primarily to educational audiences, its unique puppetry performances offer a delightful experience for children and adults alike, adding a touch of creativity and fun to the Park Slope community.

For a fun and adventurous outing, head to Shipwrecked for a round of mini-golf. This indoor 18-hole course offers a unique experience with four themed areas, theatrical lighting, and special effects.

Pricing is tailored for all ages: $21.99 for those 13 and up, $16.99 for ages 12 and under, and free entry for children two and under. Seniors, military personnel, NYC employees, and teachers enjoy a discounted rate of $19.99 with ID.

The mini-golf experience is immersive. You can purchase gold tokens to activate animatronics, video, and special effects throughout the course. Designed to be ADA-compliant, it’s an activity enjoyable for all ages.

Customers rave about Shipwrecked, praising the engaging course, the staff’s excellent service, and the venue’s cleanliness. It’s popular for rainy days and children’s birthday parties, offering a unique and enjoyable mini-golf adventure.

Best Things To Do in Park Slope, Brooklyn (2024)

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