Welcome to the captivating world of Provincetown, MA, where the unique charm of Cape Cod comes to life in 2023. 

I’ve carefully curated a list of over 20 of the best things to do in Provincetown. These aren’t just typical tourist spots; they are gems where each corner of Provincetown adds a unique flavor to the quintessential Cape Cod experience. 

You’ll wander through historic streets lined with art galleries, savor fresh seafood with breathtaking views of the harbor, and indulge in activities ranging from leisurely beach days to exhilarating bike trails.

Whether you’re a longtime lover of Cape Cod or a first-timer keen to uncover the treasures of downtown Provincetown, this guide is for you.

Prepare to embark on an adventure that transcends regular tourism – it’s a deep dive into the soul of one of Massachusetts’ most cherished coastal towns. The time is now to explore, immerse, and fall in love – Provincetown’s remarkable experiences await!

How Much Time To Spend in Provincetown

Planning a trip to Provincetown and wondering how long to stay? Here’s a little tip: whether you’re popping in for a quick visit or planning an extended stay, Provincetown has something special for everyone.

If your time is limited, don’t worry. Even a couple of days in Provincetown can be magical. You’ll have enough time to stroll through the lively streets, feel the sand between your toes at a beautiful beach, and taste some yummy local food. 

It’s a quick trip, but you’ll leave with great memories.

If you want to get to know Provincetown, try to stay for at least a week. You get to experience the town’s relaxed vibe and unique culture. 

There’s lots to do – from checking out excellent art galleries to hanging out at the beach or wandering around and enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

Provincetown is great because it fits any schedule – a short visit or a long, relaxed holiday. You’ll fall in love with the town’s charm and beauty no matter how long you stay. 

Getting to Provincetown

To get to Provincetown, you have several transportation options, including driving, flying, taking a bus, a ferry, or a train. Here are some details on each option:

  • Driving to Provincetown: The drive to Provincetown from Boston takes approximately two hours, making it a direct and flexible travel option. Provincetown is located at the end of Route 6, accessible from various directions. You can reach Route 6 from the south via Route 195, from the north or west via Route 495, or through Boston using Route 3. This route offers the convenience of traveling on your schedule and the flexibility to explore at your own pace.
  • Ferry to Provincetown: Offering seasonal service from May to October, the ferry ride from Boston to Provincetown is a scenic and enjoyable option. With high-speed ferries, the travel time is about 90 minutes. Book your ferry trips in advance, especially during the busy summer season. These ferries provide a picturesque journey and offer amenities like food and drinks for a comfortable trip.
  • Air Travel to Provincetown: Flying is an excellent choice for those looking for a quick and efficient way to reach Provincetown. Flights from Boston to Provincetown take less than 30 minutes. This mode of travel is ideal for visitors who want to maximize their time in Provincetown or for those making a short visit.
  • Bus to Provincetown: Peter Pan Bus Lines provides bus service to Provincetown and other areas of Cape Cod. This option is convenient for travelers who prefer to avoid driving or flying. The bus service offers a practical and accessible way to reach Provincetown, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the journey without the stress of navigating traffic.
  • Train to Provincetown: The CapeFLYER train service, available on summer weekends, runs from South Station in Boston to Hyannis Depot. From there, connections to Provincetown via bus services are available. This train journey offers a scenic and relaxing alternative to road travel, perfect for those who want to experience the region’s picturesque landscapes at a leisurely pace.

Where to Stay in Provincetown

No matter your budget or preferences, Provincetown has various accommodation options to cater to all travelers. From quaint bed and breakfasts to luxurious resorts, there is something for everyone in this charming town.

  • Gabriel’s, A Provincetown Hotel: In the heart of Provincetown, Gabriel’s Hotel blends luxury with comfort. Its garden setting provides a peaceful escape while being close to lively streets. Each uniquely decorated room features modern amenities and charming decor. Guests can savor views from private balconies or relax in the tranquil gardens. Known for its personalized service, Gabriel’s ensures a memorable stay.
  • The Mercury Hotel: Located near Provincetown’s beaches and nightlife, The Mercury Hotel offers stylish, contemporary rooms in a boutique setting. Its rooftop deck presents stunning town and ocean views. It combines Provincetown’s vibrant energy with sophisticated comfort, perfect for those seeking excitement and relaxation.
  • Revere Guest House: A 19th-century building turned cozy bed and breakfast, the Revere Guest House blends historic charm with modern amenities. Each room uniquely showcases elegance and character. Located centrally, it’s ideal for exploring Provincetown, while the outdoor patio and gardens offer a quiet retreat. It’s an excellent choice for those valuing historic beauty and contemporary ease.

Best Time To Visit Provincetown

Wondering about the best time to visit Provincetown? Each season has its charm, making it a great destination all year. 

Spring (April and May) is lovely. The town is waking up from winter, and there are fewer crowds and more affordable lodging. It’s perfect for enjoying Provincetown’s beauty and tranquility.

Fall, especially October, is a hidden gem. The mild weather and fewer tourists create a serene atmosphere. The autumn colors provide a beautiful backdrop to the town’s streets and waterfronts, ideal for a quieter visit.

Summer (June to September) is the most popular time. Expect fantastic weather, sunny skies, and warm temperatures. 

The town is full of life with busy streets and lively events, showcasing Provincetown’s vibrant culture and community spirit. It’s the busiest season, but it’s when you’ll experience the town at its most energetic.

Best Things to Do in Provincetown

Whether you’re a nature lover, history enthusiast, foodie, or art aficionado, Provincetown has a variety of attractions to explore. Here are some top things to do that you shouldn’t miss during your visit:

1 | Shop and Eat on the Iconic Commercial Street

Explore Commercial Street in Provincetown – it’s not just a street; it’s an adventure! It spans three miles and is a vibrant spot in the town’s heart. Cars are rare, so you can stroll around at your own pace. 

You’ll find everything here – from cool street art to adorable little shops selling all sorts of treasures, like handmade gifts and Cape Cod souvenirs.

DSCF9079 2

Hungry? You’re in luck! Commercial Street is a foodie’s dream. Grab an ice cream at Lewis Brothers, or sit in one of the many restaurants and cafes dotting the street. There’s something for every taste, whether you’re craving fresh seafood or a good cup of coffee.

Art lovers, get ready! You’re close to some of Provincetown’s best spots, like the Provincetown Art Association and Museum and the famous Pilgrim Monument. 

And don’t forget the gorgeous waterfront views – they’re the perfect backdrop for your Provincetown adventure. Whether you’re shopping, eating, or just soaking in the local vibe, Commercial Street is the place to be!

2 | Race Point Beach

AdobeStock 345103751

Head to Race Point Beach for a perfect beach day! It’s one of outer Cape Cod’s finest spots, with a vast sandy stretch ideal for sunbathing, swimming, surfing, and playing beach games.

What’s unique about Race Point? You can spot majestic whales like Right, Humpback, and Minke from the shore, especially in spring. Remember to visit the historic Race Point Lighthouse for stunning ocean and bay views, especially during sunset.

This beach isn’t just about the views; it’s packed with activities like fishing, sailing, and whale-watching excursions. And it’s got all the essentials – lifeguards, restrooms, and parking.

Parking is $25 per day for a vehicle or $15 for those entering on foot or by bike. Frequent visitors might want an annual pass – $60 for Cape Cod National Seashore or $80 for a National Park Service Pass.

Come experience the beauty and fun at Race Point Beach – it’s a must-visit in Provincetown!

3 | Hike To Race Point Lighthouse

AdobeStock 213579428

Ready for a bit of adventure? Hike to the Race Point Lighthouse in Provincetown, a historic beacon guiding sailors since 1876. This charming lighthouse stands 45 feet tall and is a piece of history and a spot for unique experiences.

Start your journey from Race Point Beach and enjoy a scenic two-mile hike along the shoreline. The walk is easy and flat, perfect for a stroll with the ocean breeze to accompany you. 

And guess what? Once you reach the lighthouse, the adventure doesn’t have to end. You can spend the night in the Keeper’s House or a week in the Whistle House, nestled right in the beautiful Cape Cod sand dunes.

The lighthouse is more than just a pretty sight; it’s a place to learn about maritime heritage and Provincetown’s seafaring past history. 

With a round-trip distance of about 4 miles, this hike is a delightful way to explore the natural beauty of Cape Cod and step back in time. So, lace up your hiking shoes and get ready to explore!

4 | Herring Cove Beach

Sandy path to Herring Cove Beach, one of the best things to do in Provincetown

Next on my list is Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, a must-visit for anyone who loves the sea. This beach is a real treat, with scenic views and gorgeous sunsets that paint the sky in stunning colors. It’s the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening by the water.

What makes Herring Cove Beach unique? It’s on the Cape Cod Bay side, meaning gentler waves and slightly warmer waters than the Atlantic. This makes it ideal for swimming, splashing around, or floating on the water. 

And it’s not just beautiful; it’s also super accessible and visitor-friendly, with amenities like a snack bar, whale-watching spots, and even tidal pools for the little ones. Plus, there’s the nearby Province Lands Bike Trail for the adventurers.

For those who like a bit of freedom, there’s a section for nude sunbathing, though it’s officially not allowed. Families usually hang out in the north section, closer to the parking lot.

And there’s more – the Herring Cove Beach Bathhouse, built in 2013, is a modern marvel that adds to your beach experience. So, pack your beach bag and head to Herring Cove Beach for a day of sun, sea, and splendid views!

5 | Walk Around MacMillan Pier

AdobeStock 117990364

Next, take a walk around MacMillan Pier, a lively spot in Provincetown bustling with history and activity. This pier isn’t just a place to see; it’s a place to experience. 

It’s the town’s main transportation hub, where thousands arrive by sea on ferries like the Bay State Cruise Co., Boston Harbor Cruises, and Captain John Boats Fast Ferry.

MacMillan Pier has a deep connection to Provincetown’s fishing heritage, dating back to 1873. Fishing boats and fleets still appear here, adding to the authentic seaside vibe. 

But there’s more than just boats – check out the unique art shacks, the harbormaster’s office, and the “They Also Faced The Sea” art installation, all adding character to this historic pier.

For adventure seekers, the pier is the starting point for whale-watching tours and excursions into the Harbor and National Seashore. And let’s not forget the fireworks! MacMillan Pier is the place for spectacular views during the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

It’s conveniently located close to shops, museums, restaurants, and galleries, making it a perfect spot to start or end your Provincetown adventure. 

6 | Visit the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum

AdobeStock 407256903

If you’re into history or just love cool places, the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum (PMPM) at the tip of Cape Cod are must-sees. This spot celebrates the Pilgrims who landed here in 1620, seeking freedom. 

The towering Pilgrim Monument, built between 1907 and 1910, stands at a whopping 252 feet. Climb its 116 steps, and you’ll be rewarded with amazing views of Provincetown, the bay, and the ocean – you can even see Boston on a clear day!

Inside, the Provincetown Museum is a treasure trove of local history and culture. Check out exhibits like “Pilgrim’s First Landing” and “Our Changing Landscapes,” they always have something new going on, like special events and lectures.

It’s not just about looking and learning – the museum has loads of interactive stuff and workshops, great for all ages. 

And guess what? This place is also a hot spot for weddings. So, for a mix of history, incredible views, and fun learning, the Pilgrim Monument and Museum is the place to be in Provincetown!

7 | Bike the Province Lands Bike Trail

Hop on your bike and prepare for an adventure on the Province Lands Bike Trail in Cape Cod! This trail is a real treat for bikers, winding through the stunning natural landscapes at the northern tip of the Cape. 

As you pedal, you’ll pass through serene pine forests, rolling over sandy dunes, and cruise by picturesque cranberry bogs. It’s like a mini-tour of Cape Cod’s diverse beauty!

Sure, there are some steep hills and sharp turns to keep things exciting, and depending on the time of year, you might find a few washed-out spots. But the views? Worth it. Plus, there’s a lovely beach at Race Point if you want to take a break and soak in the scenery.

The trail starts from the Province Lands Visitor Center in Provincetown and is about 5.25 miles long, but if you’re up for more, there are extensions to Herring Cove Beach. The full loop is 6.6 miles and usually takes around 2 hours and 14 minutes to complete. 

It’s a great way to see the sights, exercise, and have fun. So grab your bike and hit the trail – an unforgettable ride awaits!

8 | Explore the Beech Forest Trail

Tree-lined Beech Forest Trail, one of the best things to do in Provincetown

Ready for a peaceful nature walk? The Beech Forest Trail in the Cape Cod National Seashore is your perfect spot. This easy 1-mile loop trail takes you through a beautiful forest, past a serene pond, and even over sand dunes – it’s like a mini adventure in nature!

The trail has a 0.75-mile loop around the pond, where you can enjoy the calm water and spot some wildlife. Want a bit more? There’s an extra 0.25-mile extension loop for those who just can’t get enough. 

The trail takes about an hour, perfect for a leisurely morning or afternoon stroll.

Most of the trail is flat and easy, with hard-packed sand and even a wooden boardwalk. It’s great for both walkers and bikers looking for a peaceful escape in nature. The gentle climbs over the dunes are challenging enough to keep things interesting.

So, lace up your walking shoes or hop on your bike and head to the Beech Forest Trail for a refreshing, scenic experience in Cape Cod’s natural beauty!

9 | Sail Provincetown Harbor

Set sail for an unforgettable adventure in Provincetown Harbor! This is a sailor’s paradise, especially in the summer when the harbor and Cape Cod Bay become a scenic playground with stunning wildlife and beautiful beaches.

Here’s a tip: keep your boat in at least 20 feet of water in the harbor to stay safe and avoid surprises. And if you’re planning to dock in Provincetown, it’s a good idea to get some local advice on the best moorings and dockage spots, especially during the busier times of the year.

Sailing here isn’t just about the journey; it’s about the breathtaking views you’ll encounter. Imagine gliding past the Bluffs of Corn Hill or circling Long Point Light, with the wind guiding your way. 

The harbor’s anchorage area is spacious and secure, 12 to 57 feet deep – perfect for a smooth sailing experience.

So whether you’re a seasoned sailor or trying it out for the first time, Provincetown Harbor offers a fantastic sailing experience. Don’t forget to soak in the picturesque routes and maybe spot some local wildlife along the way.

10 | Explore West End, The Quieter Side of Provincetown

Are you looking for a peaceful side of P-town? Head over to the West End, the town’s serene hidden gem. Nestled at the westernmost tip, this area offers a calm and relaxing escape from the lively town center. 

Charming residential streets are lined with historic homes and lush gardens, creating a picturesque setting for a leisurely walk or a quiet afternoon.

Strolling down Commercial Street in West End, you’ll discover quaint shops, art galleries, and restaurants with a more laid-back vibe than the rest of Provincetown. It’s a perfect mix of local culture and relaxed atmosphere. 

And the natural beauty? It’s simply stunning. With beautiful views of the harbor and Provincetown dunes, it’s ideal for a sunset picnic.

Don’t miss the iconic landmarks here, like the Long Point Lighthouse and Captain Jack’s Wharf, which tell stories of Provincetown’s rich fishing history. The West End isn’t just about its tranquil charm; it’s also a hub for artsy and bohemian finds, especially at places like Loveland.

Some good restaurants in the West End of Atlanta include:

  • Atlanta Breakfast Club: Known for its delicious breakfast options.
  • Poor Calvin’s: Offers a unique blend of Asian and Southern cuisine.
  • South City Kitchen Midtown: A popular spot for contemporary Southern cuisine.
  • Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q: Famous for its barbecue dishes.
  • The Optimist: A seafood restaurant with an excellent reputation

So, if you’re seeking a quieter, more relaxed side of Provincetown, the West End is where you need to be. Its captivating streets, beautiful views, and a touch of history make it a little slice of heaven in Provincetown.

11 | Go on a Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch

Whale fin on whale watching boat tour, one of the best things to do in Provincetown

Ready for an ocean adventure? Join the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch to see majestic whales up close! These 3-4 hour trips, guided by knowledgeable naturalists, offer a high chance of spotting these magnificent creatures. 

Imagine being out on the sea, watching whales in their natural habitat – an experience you won’t forget. The Dolphin Fleet has been taking people on whale watches since 1975, so they know their stuff. 

Their boats are comfy, with a sundeck, viewing platform, heated cabin, and food and drinks available. They’re conveniently located near the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, so you can get to the whale-watching action faster.

Trips run from April to October, and booking your tickets online is easy. Remember to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, a jacket, and maybe binoculars to get a closer look. 

Tickets are $75 for adults, $65 for seniors, and $50 for kids aged 5-12. So, grab your camera and get ready for a whale of a time with Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch!

12 | Tour the Provincetown Dunes with Art’s Dune Tours

Sand dunes, one of the best things to do in Provincetown

Next on my list is an unforgettable journey with Art’s Dune Tours. Imagine exploring the vast, iconic sand dunes of Cape Cod National Seashore and the Atlantic Coast of Provincetown, MA. 

These guided tours offer a unique opportunity to delve into the natural beauty of the dunes and uncover the area’s rich history, including the fascinating stories of the 19 artists’ dune shacks.

Operating seven days a week from April 15 to November 15, these tours are a must-do for anyone visiting P-town. 

What could be better than ending your day with a stunning sunset viewing at Race Point Beach? And if you’re looking for something even more special, you can add dinner and a bonfire to your tour, making it a truly magical experience.

Art’s Dune Tours accommodates everyone with private tours and group rates, whether alone, with a partner, or in a group. 

This tour isn’t just a ride; it’s a journey through the heart of Provincetown’s natural and cultural heritage. So, get ready to sit back, relax, and let the beauty of the dunes captivate you!

13 | Visit Provincetown Brewing Co

DSCF9149 2

Next on my list is a visit to the Provincetown Brewing Co. (PBC), a place that’s so much more than just a brewery. Located right in the heart of Provincetown, MA, this craft brewery stands out for its delicious beers and big heart. 

PBC is not just about brewing; it’s deeply committed to activism and building a strong community. Every sip you take supports a cause, as PBC donates a portion of its sales to charities focusing on LGBTQ+ rights, environmental conservation, and more.

PBC is proudly queer-owned and is all about bringing people together, celebrating the shared values that make America great, right in Provincetown’s vibrant and historic setting. 

But wait, there’s more! Along with their fantastic range of craft beers, they serve up some tasty pub grub, perfect for a relaxed meal. And keep an eye out for their live events – they’re the perfect way to experience the local vibe and connect with the community.

DSCF9147 2

So, whether you’re a beer enthusiast or just looking for a cozy spot with a great atmosphere and a cause, Provincetown Brewing Co. is the place to be.

14 | Relax At Suzanne’s Secret Garden

Next up, take a moment to unwind at Suzanne’s Secret Garden, a hidden gem at 608 Commercial Street in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This charming garden, once the pride of its late owner, Suzanne Sinaiko, is now a public sanctuary where tranquility reigns supreme.

As you step into this peaceful haven, you’ll be greeted by lush flowers and vines, creating a picturesque oasis right in the heart of the town. 

The garden’s showstopper is the stunning Wisteria draping over the arbor, especially in spring, offering a breathtaking sight. It’s no wonder local painters often find inspiration here, capturing the serene beauty of this sacred space in their artwork.

Each season brings a new floral spectacle to the garden, making every visit unique. Whether you’re seeking a quiet spot to read, meditate, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature, Suzanne’s Secret Garden is the perfect retreat. 

Visitors consistently find it a peaceful escape and a must-visit spot in Provincetown. 

15 | Dine At The Famed Lobster Pot

DSCF9037 2

Dine at The Lobster Pot, a celebrated seafood destination in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This family-run restaurant has been serving fresh seafood, delicious Portuguese specialties, steaks, and more on the waterfront since 1979. 

Imagine enjoying a meal with a stunning view of Provincetown Harbor, choosing from their extensive menu, which includes tempting signature drinks and a wide selection of wines. 

Known for quality food and exceptional service, The Lobster Pot is a must-visit for an authentic Cape Cod dining experience. Open daily from 11:30 a.m., it welcomes guests without reservations and offers a casual yet memorable dining atmosphere. 

Don’t miss their renowned Lobster & Chowder House and the convenient Lobster Pot Express for quick seafood delights.

16 | See a Classic Provincetown Show

Get ready for a dazzling night out in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This town is celebrated for its lively entertainment scene, especially its classic drag shows. Provincetown has something for everyone, whether you’re into drag performances, live music, or theater. 

The Pilgrim House Inn is a hotspot for top-notch entertainment, hosting some of the most fabulous drag shows around. Check out the Provincetown Event Calendar to find a variety of events, including lively drag shows, music gigs, and parties. 

Don’t miss the Provincetown Theater, another excellent venue for diverse live performances. With legendary performers and a vibrant atmosphere, Provincetown’s entertainment scene offers an unforgettable experience for fans of drag shows and live performances. 

So, get ready to be entertained and wowed by the talent and glamour of Provincetown’s performers!

17 | Bar Hopping in Provincetown

DSCF9065 2

Bar-hopping in Provincetown, or P-town as the locals call it, is an experience like no other. This vibrant town boasts a bar scene as diverse and colorful as its community. 

From cozy, historic bars with a fisherman-friendly vibe to buzzing clubs where you can play ping-pong and air hockey, there’s a spot for every mood and taste. Whether you’re in the mood for craft beers, fancy cocktails, fine wine, or unique drinks, P-town’s bars have got you covered.

What makes P-town’s bar scene so special? It’s the variety. Looking for a casual night out? 

Check. An upscale evening? They’ve got that too. And it’s all set in a welcoming, LGBT-friendly atmosphere. 

When the sun sets, Provincetown transforms into a lively playground, offering many choices for an unforgettable night.

Some must-visit spots include The A-House, famous for its outdoor seating with harbor views, and the Paramount, the largest waterfront nightclub in town, known for its top-notch DJs and signature mojitos. 

For a more relaxed vibe, head to the Harbor Lounge, where the views are as great as the drinks. The Underground offers a versatile space that changes from a club to a dive bar, with games and various music styles. 

And for live music lovers, Grotta Bar is the perfect place to unwind with a cocktail. In P-town, every bar has its character, making each stop on your bar-hopping journey a unique adventure. 

18 | Get Rowdy at Tea Dance

Next on my list is the legendary Tea Dance at The Boatslip in Provincetown, MA. This isn’t just any dance party; it’s a historic event that’s become a cornerstone of Provincetown’s culture, especially loved by newcomers and long-time visitors. 

Imagine dancing your heart out under the open sky to a thrilling 3-hour set by the beloved Resident DJ Maryalice, who’s been getting people moving for over 25 years!

Tea Dance is more than just a party; it’s a significant tradition deeply rooted in the local queer community. It’s a place where spontaneity and excitement meet, creating unforgettable afternoons. 

So, check the schedule, pick a themed Tea, and get ready to experience the exhilarating, joyful atmosphere of Provincetown’s famous Tea Dance.

19 | Party All Night With The LGBTIQ+ Community

DSCF9087 2 edited

Next up, dive into the vibrant heart of Provincetown’s nightlife and celebrate with the LGBTIQ+ community! This town is a haven of inclusivity and fun, offering a plethora of events and parties that cater specifically to the queer community. 

From themed dance parties and fabulous drag shows to live concerts, Provincetown knows how to throw a party.

Provincetown hosts some amazing annual events each year. Carnival is a week-long explosion of color and diversity, featuring parades, performances, and parties, each with its own unique theme and array of dazzling costumes and floats. 

Bear Week is another highlight, where the bear community and their admirers gather for a week of pool parties, dance parties, and more. And let’s not forget Women’s Week, an empowering celebration with workshops, performances, and social events designed for women of all ages.

Provincetown’s nightlife reflects its vibrant and inclusive spirit, making it the perfect destination for those looking to party and connect with the LGBTIQ+ community. 

Whether you dance in the streets during Carnival, join the fun at Bear Week, or celebrate during Women’s Week, you will indeed have an unforgettable time in this lively coastal town.

20 | See A Night Show or Cabaret

Next, experience the glittering nightlife of P-town at The Post Office Cafe and Cabaret, a legendary spot for nearly 50 years at the end of Cape Cod. 

This isn’t just a place to grab a bite; it’s a cultural landmark where great food meets spectacular entertainment. Start your day with a traditional American breakfast, enjoy their all-day menu, and choose from two festive bars.

As night falls, the Cabaret stage comes alive with nightly live entertainment. It’s a stage that has seen a galaxy of stars, from Eartha Kitt to Drag Race favorites like Trixie Mattel and Raja. 

This venue has been the launching pad for many artists, including Provincetown’s drag sensation Varla Jean Merman and the camp queen Elvira.

After a brief hiatus in 2020, The Post Office Cafe and Cabaret is back, continuing to create unforgettable nights out. Don’t miss Dixie’s Lounge on the second floor, where you can relax with friends, enjoy lunch and cocktails, and overlook the picturesque Provincetown pier. 

It’s more than a night out; it’s an experience that captures the heart and soul of Provincetown’s vibrant entertainment scene.

20+ Absolute Best Things to Do in Provincetown, MA (2024)

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